Bobby Flay

For those that know me they know I HATE to cook. I suck at it. I find nothing relaxing about it. I take no enjoyment standing at the stove to stir, slice, chop. fry or dice. I took a four ingredient apple pie recipe and screwed it up (Leaving out the butter).  I tried following recipes on several occasions trying to improve my wifely skills and is was nothing short of a disaster.

So imagine my surprise when my 10 year old son introduced me to Bobby Flay who is all over the Food Network. This brilliant New Yorker drew me in. I dvr every show he’s on and watch them over and over again.

He’s certainly doesn’t possess movie star looks. In fact he is pretty average but there is something in his face. The occasional smiles, the glint in his blues eyes and a laugh that makes me smile. Maybe its his passion for food or his spicy secret sauces that drive me crazy. I’m not quite sure, but I do know that where ever he goes woman all over feel the same.

What is it about a man who can cook a meal with such flair an creativity. Does it call to the artist in me or is it simply a matter of him being a brilliant chef and me sucking at trying to make pie that has given me this obsession.

I’m not sure and I really don’t care. All I know is that I watch Bobby everyday and obsess over every remark, every facial expression and think to myself I totally need to write a story with a hot ass Iron Chef…..oooh what fun………


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  1. Yes, I agree, you need to write a book with a hot-ass chef 😉

    I love cooking shows too, though like you, I cannot cook worth a damn and when I do cook, it’s not fun or relaxing. And I totally agree – there is something about Bobby Flay’s face that makes him very intriguing.


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