Why do they always have to be late????

After staying home for ten years I’m returning back to school. Its scarey at 42 to be stepping through the doors of an institution I couldn’t wait to leave 25 years ago. With the economy though and three kids to send to college its time to get a steady career.

Yesterday was my first day of orientation. Sitting there listening to the head of the school speak about the importance of being on time five students straggle in late. I found this funny becuae beign late too many times affects your grade. This is also a medical field education and all I can think of is these people sstrolling down the hallway at a hospital while the poor patients buzzer has been going off for ten minutes.

I think the worst part about it is that I’m paying to go to school these people are getting it paid for by the government. Becuase of my hubbys job we don’t qualify for free anything. Not that I have an issue for those who are in real need of help ( Though this is going to be tight for us) you would think that they could at least show up on time.

Being prompt is a pet peeve of mine. Perpetually late people are just plain rude, self centered or oblivious to those of us who plan our time better. I’ve been late on occasion but for the majority of the time I make it where I’m supposed to when I’m supposed to.

Nothing drives me crazier than to be ready and have to wait for someone to be there when they say they will.  It can ruin my day and make me a very grumpy gal.

So as I was sitting in orerientation all I could think is that I pray none of these late comers are in my class. My courses are accelorated and as such will require complete attention and not constant interuption by  those who can’t be bothered leaving their home 15 minutes earlier.


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