Time for School


   Tomorrow is it. The big day. I’m starting school at the ripe age of 42. off I go into the medical field. Something I know nothing about, which I find exciting. After being at home for ten years and out of the work force I’ve decided that being at stay at home mom boring.

The kids are all in school and quite frankly I suck at the whole home maker thing. Whoever said it was easy to be a home maker was seriously out of their mind. I come from a traditional southern family where my granny as well as several aunts all stayed home. Their homes are immaculate, their ability to cook without recipes stunning. What I’ve discovered is I hate cooking, everything about it. I hate the prep, the smells the patience it takes to try to perfect a dish. Its more pressure than I can stand at times. While I like my house clean this also drives me nuts. I can guarantee that the minutes I mop my wood floors one of the dogs will leave paw prints along it. I wipe off a table a 15 minutes later little dust bunny’s reappear on purpose to make me crazy.

Staying at home has made me a grumpy bitch on most days. I’m not a loner, I like being around other people if only to let off steam. Of course the economy also comes into play. I’ve got three kids to send to college and with a set of twins it means that I’ll be paying double for the pleasure of getting my kids a higher education.

When the opportunity arose for me to take the plunge into learning something new and with the support of my hubby and friends I knew this was the right move for me.

I also think this will help in my writing. I won’t have time to stare dumbly at my computer screen knowing I need to write and yet unable to form any words or at least anything worth reading. I’ve discovered that I pretty much have A.D.D. My brain had a million thoughts zipping through it at any given time and the structure of school might be exactly what I need in order to settle down.

I knew when I lost weight after the bypass surgery I would have more energy I just never realized it would be the kind of energy that drove me nuts if I didn’t have anything to do.  for the first time in a long time I am stoked to wake up and do something. I hope I’ll feel this way in three months, but for now I have high hopes for the furture.l I know that I can help set an example to my kids on the importance of education and homework ( A constant issue at my home) by seeing that mom has homework they’ll understand that nothing is more valuable in their  lives than to get as much education as they can.


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  1. This is such a wonderful adventure!! Good luck, Sierra!!


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