Whatever happened to MTV?


As a child of the eighties I was there at the launch of MTV. Before MTV my best friend and I were forced to watch channel 9 every Friday night for music videos. The good thing about it we were introduced to some good Canadian bands at the time, the bad thing was it was only one night per week.

Then MTV was born and all our adolescent fantasies were suddenly on the screen in color. Duran Duran  my favorite ( They still are ) Their videos were amazing, the places they filmed strange yet beautiful. They seemed sophisticated and much older than they were. Dreams of going to England the minute we turned 18 never came to pass and soon life moved on.

The saddest part is that MTV the birth place of our love for videos and thus seeing and hearing new music has died. In its place the dreaded line-up of ridiculous reality shows. Pathetic , miserable wanne-be nobody’s trying desperately to claim Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame. It’s a sad commentary on life and how we’ve spiraled downward in society.

I can remember stars like Billy Idol and Sting standing before solid colored walls saying “I want my MTV.” I whole  heartily agree, I WANT MY MTV. Not the MTV of now but the one of old. The one that started with Video Killed the Radio Star, Hungry Like the Wolf and White Wedding. I want the old Veejay’s back like Nina Black. The invention of the web makes it possible to go to YouTube and find videos to watch but it’s not the same. Sometimes technology doesn’t improve a medium it stifles it. The record album and now it seems the cd are things of the past. SO sad considering my first three albums ( which I still own) were Def Leppard, U2 and my beloved Duran Duran. I miss Harmony House and Banana record stores. I miss the thrill of picking up a new album the day it comes out.

And as I sit here ranting and raving about losing the things I loved most in my youth the only thing I can think to say is I Want My MTV, not of today but of twenty five years ago. I want to lose myself in the images of color and story and interpretation of songs by great directors and greater musicians.

I WANT MY MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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