Wonderful weekend , Bad Monday

30 Seconds to Mars was outstanding, fantastic, fun and exciting. I screamed like a teenager, jumped until my calves hurt and sang with my fists flying in the air with everything I had.

The natural high I get at a live show is like no other. I am always saddened to see it end. A few surprises of the night my name was on a list, the list to not have to wait in line. Imagine mine and VJ’s surprise when they marked my name from the V.I.P list and opened the ropes to let us through. Then inside we met the manager of the Filmore (A great venue for concerts) who showed us where our seats were located. A waitress introduced herself to us and took our drink order. We felt like Queen’s for the night. Coming from a strictly blue-collar background and never having experienced such treatment I decided I liked it. I loved feeling like I was important even for just one evening. It’s not every day a girl like me gets to experience such a night.

It does come with a price, one I sacrificed to make but it was well worth it. I recommend that at least once in your life you get the royal treatment. It’s the least we working stiff’s deserve. The wealthy get wealthy off the backs of the  little guys everyday.

Even if its only once indulge yourself. Be selfish and pull out the cash to get pampered, placated and taken care of for one night. Eat at that restaurant you’d never have the nerve to make a reservation at. Spend the day at the spa that you’d never even think about going. Get that massage from the hunky guy named Sven you always wanted but he cost too much. Buy that dress that made your eyes bulge the first time you looked at the price tag.

My point is everyone should have an experience they can remember. For me Saturday night was that experience. It was worth every single penny it cost me. Pennies I could have used more wisely elsewhere, but I don’t care. For four glorious hours I was swept away into a world I’ve never been allowed in before and I wrapped myself in it like a fluffy warm blanket.

It was a good night and one I didn’t know I would need come today where I woke up to 2 inches of freaking snow in the middle of April. Winter in Michigan is never pleasant unless you’re a ski bunny. The icy cold whipping of the wind doesn’t thrill me in fact it kind of makes me a bitch. With the coming of April though my moods usually lighten up and I find joy. Well my damn joy took a nose dive today as those little frozen flakes came out of the dreary sky and landed on my windshield.

At least I can look back and remember Saturday night. I can close my eyes and transport myself back to that night where I laughed , danced and sang until I was breathless and well satisfied.

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