Finals week

I’m ending my first 6 week mod at school. So it’s finals week starting tomorrow. I am hysterical at this point. 350 medical root words (Latin and Greek). Then onto business communications where I had to purchase a blazer – Yes a freaking blazer for a mock interview which is 40% of my grade. I am terrified, will I remember what my instructor has taught me. She has been a wonderful teacher, making a lecture class easy to follow as well as interesting. Its been a pleasure to get to know her and I have enjoyed the class. My med term class has gone by in a flash, and yes another great teacher who is very kind and caring toward me. I think she worries about me because I don’t hide my feelings very well and hell I haven’t been in school for 25 years. Yes I am not as confident as I should be but I’m going to make sure she knows it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with me and my awesome ability to panic in an unfamiliar situation.

Who knew an accelerated learning program would drive me nuts. SO much information packed in 6 week blocks. These are classes people have for four months at a time.

Having said that I am enjoying myself more than I imagined. I feel like i have a real purpose and at the end of this journey I will be able to contribute  in the real world. While I’ll never ever give up writing it will always be my first love, but the satisfaction also comes with waiting and I don’t have the type of personality to wait.

Hopefully at the end of school I will find a part-time job that will enable me to continue doing the things I love and write and spend time with my children and help fulfill that space inside where I feel like i need to be doing something other than cooking and cleaning. I was so not meant to me a homemaker. I am in awe of women who do it and do it well. The enormous amount of work that goes into daily life and  able to find a way to keep it from being boring and redundant is inspiring.

I know that this schooling experience will help me to be a better mother, wife and writer.


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  1. Congratulations on completing that first step. Good luck with your finals.


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