Patience is a virtue my ass!!!!!!!


 Who the Hell every came up with that stupid bit of advice? I know it was someone I should remember the name of, I just don’t have the freakin patience to look it up. I’ve often been reminded by those around me I don’t have any patience. It’s a great big flaw I know but as a woman in her forties I no longer care. Life is too short to sit and wait around for things to happen. I hate waiting on anything.  With three kids, two dogs and hubby and now school my time is very precious and waiting feels like such a huge waste my time.

I can be sitting at the movies and become annoyed if it takes too long to start the previews. Waiting in line as the cashier and customer exchange life stories has me rolling my eyes and huffing. Worst still is sitting in class while other students drone on and on about their lives. Not that I mind hearing such things but for ten minutes…Please I want to hear the lecture and I don’t want to go home with two hours worth of homework because someone couldn’t shut their pie hole.

I think I have ADD that was never diagnosed. I can look at someone and completely float away not hearing a single word they’ve uttered. I’ve been caught by those around me who I’m sure think I’m being a bitch but truly I’m not. If I’m uninterested or bored I just take off somewhere else. It’s rarely ever intentional but my brain takes over and the next thing I know I’m being asked “so what do you think?” Huh? What do I think about what? It’s not like I can say “oh sorry I wasn’t listening to your ten minute tirade what do I think about what?”

I’m truly trying my hardest to stop suck bad behavior and one day I’ll get there, but until I do if WHEN you are talking to me and I get a glassy look in my eyes don’t take it personally…..Its really not you…No I mean it , its me not you…..Of course I find you interesting and yes I do really care what you have to say.


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