Shinedown the inspiration for Magnus Crowe in Longfellow Seduced

So I’m listening to my local rock station in Detroit and I hear Simple Kind of Man, but I know it’s not my Lynard Skynard. I like what I hear, the song is a little different the singer a bit more gritty, a little more bluesy. I go online and search for this New band to me. Hot Damn I strike gold on YouTube and low and behold I discover Shinedown. NOt only the band but I see Magnus Crowe. In Longfellow Seduced he’s a Scottish vampire in a what else rock and roll band. I can’t put my finger on why I thought this band was THE BAND from LONGFELLOW, I just knew this was it. Silas our other fellow in the book is based on the guitar player. The other band mates are those in Shinedown as well.

I was told once that great writers need no inspiration but I beg to differ a bit. While it’s true imagination allows you to pull a character out of thin air don’t writer’s always leave a tiny bit of themselves in a character. For me and “MY PROCESS” ( I totally hate that phrase it’s so damn pretentious I wanna vomit) Nothing thrills me more than to take inspiration from real people. Do I think Shinedown represents the band in our Longfellow book, No. Do I think that listening to them and looking at them help ..Yes indeed…..

Cut and Paste to watch the video



  1. Sierra, I know exactly what you mean. I believe that everyone’s life has a soundtrack, and we just need to listen closely to hear it. When I read certain books I will, for some odd reason, imagine music playing in the background. Speaking of books, I just read Boss Man. Fabulous read. As a solo author or half of a duo, you rock. Truly.


    • Thanks, what an awesome compliment. I am so happy you enjoyed Bossman. I don’t find it odd at all to imagine music matching characters or places. Its where I’ve gotten some my best ideas. That and I am totaly music ho…lol…..


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