For the Love of Liberty

For the Love of Liberty - The Alexander Wolves

For the Love of Liberty is my second in my Alexander Wolves series. I loved writing this book. It’s completely different from A Taste of Haven the first book in the series. Liberty was raised in a completely different world than her older sister. As such her reactions to life and situations vary greatly.

I know that a lot of readers enjoyed Haven’s kick ass ways but Liberty is a much softer, sweeter character. She has a young son that is her priority. When Damon Hix comes into her life to reunite her with her long-lost family she is overwhelmed by the feelings and what her new reality has become. This story while dark doesn’t have quite as much action as the first but like the first heroine Liberty grows and becomes more than she thought possible.

As a writer and with most of my author friends we put a tiny spark of ourselves in a character. I’ve done it with every single woman I’ve written. They aren’t the whole of me but with a phrase or look or even a thought I find myself in them. It’s not an ego trip, it purely accidental. I write the story and its inevitable that some of my experiences or feelings or even dreams find themselves woven throughout. No matter what genre you write be it fantasy, sci-fi, thriller or romance at some point an author looks at how they may react to a situation or how they may feel inside their protagonists shoes. It’s odd to go back and read a story after edits and come across an errant thought that you’ve really had at some point in your life. A memory from the past that fits directly into the story.

Writing is such a personal journey for me, it’s as if I can’t help but drag a tiny flicker of reality into the words I type. I find it so cathartic and a way of working out issues that I can’t speak aloud about or refuse to acknowledge anywhere but on the pages of my books. Some think what I’m saying is a bunch of dribble from another whacked out artist trying to sound more profound than what their work provides.  Which is fine by me, artists what ever medium you work in are a little odd. We don’t use our logical part of the brain when creating something out of nothing. I wrap my mind around the fact that  people don’t quite understand where I come from. The thing is that most artists have two sides , an almost split personality. The one they show the real world where we are sane, smart and logical. It’s difficult to be exactly who your soul screams aloud who you really are. We are stuck behind the conventions of what is acceptable and how we are expected to act in “Real Life”

I’m grateful to be able to express what I consider my real side through writing. I feel things deeply like any artist and I can’t shout to the world that I’m pissed as hell or that things suck or that one particular person or another needs to rot in their own misery. I can’t express that sex and sexuality is to be celebrated. That every single touch, taste and movement is as close to nirvana as one can get with the right person.  I’m a football mom, I have responsibilities with children and the hum drum of everyday life that as a responsible adult I have to meet on a daily basis. I’m back in school trying to improve my little world, definitely not the stuff of fantasy nor my secret dreams.

 In my heart I’d rather be on a beach naked and wrapped around the lover of my dreams but I can’t so I write it. I love to lose myself in those moments when I’m clicking away on the keyboard. I envy those who find a partner who gets them. Understands the quirky nature of someone like me. Who doesn’t have expectations that are so difficult for a person like me to meet. I’m flawed, sometimes I feel like I’m riding in the eye of a twister grabbing on to bits and pieces of myself that I’ve lost over the years. Damn I must sound like the big ass whiney baby. I have much to be thankful for and I am. I would die for my children, I smile whenever they enter the room. They make me laugh and remind me of hope and joy and wonder. But there is still a part of my being, my soul if you will that remains dark to the world, that I doubt will ever see light with the exception of my writing.

Artists, live your life with abandon however you can. Seek out a few minutes of freedom within yourself. Find people who share your philosophy and bask in them. Share your secrets with those who get it, get you. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few who know a little bit of that part of me. Although I believe that we are so afraid to let go and show our true face that we refuse to fully let go without kicking and screaming the whole way. It’s difficult to completely open up and then pull back in because you can’t deal with anyone knowing your vulnerabilities.

When I was writing Liberty I was able to learn things about people I never ever would have known in a million years. To you I thank you for giving up a small part of yourself for my story. Though I don’t fool myself into thinking I know all of who they are I loved learning what I have and it’s another glimpse into the thoughts be they real or make-believe of someone else. There is always a grain of truth in everything you see or hear and its my job as a writer to decided what bits and pieces I want to use or embellish or make mine.

Thank you to my writing partner VJ who is always there for me. To my best friend Queen Tina who always tells me the truth whether I like it or not. To Dale her husband for being you and not faking who you are to anyone and finally to JD for revealing that small glimpse I was looking for.

As I’ve talked about in other posts music is the background for my books and for this particular series the music is all about my favorite band in the world. my loves from the 80’s that I’ve carried into the here and now. Duran Duran…beautiful, thoughtful, eclectic and wonderful in ways I can’t even count. Those who know me understand why I love these guys even after 20 yrs.



  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but will there be a sequel to Boss Man? I just read it, and there seemed to be an undertone about Andrew and Kale. Andrew has an unrequited love that we only hear about briefly, and he sort of freaks a little when he hears Kale was betrayed. I’d love to see their story, if that’s the direction in which it was moving. 🙂


    • I’ve been asked this before and thinking about the idea. I plan to write their sequel but they just haven’t told me what it is yet…lol…Thanks for asking…Sierra


  2. I just finished reading For the Love of Liberty and absolutely loved it. You handled the transition from Haven’s story to Liberty’s very well. It was a clear example of how dark and deep grief can be. I can’t wait to read A Bite of Justice and Nolan’s story. Keep up the good work and take care of your health.


    • Thank you very much. I’m so happy you enjoyed Liberty and Damon. I am currently working hard on Justice’s story right now and hope to have it done soon.
      Again thank you for commenting and I’m over the moon that you enjoyed it.


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