The Long Hot Summer – Part 1

As some of you may already know I write under the name Violet Summers with my awesome writing partner VJ. Recently our first three books, Carrie;s Answer, Meredith’s Awakening and Daniel’s Surrender has been accepted by Ellora’s Cave. It’s been our dream to write for whom we consider the best e-publisher for Romantica in the world. At EC we will be releasing our books under Sierra and VJ Summers. Its less confusing as each of us have solos works out there and frankly everyone was confused about Violet being two people not one.

The wonderful thing about going to EC is that each of the books are being re-edited as well as expanded. Carrie’s Answer has the original beginning and we are thrilled to see how our readers will react to it.

Also Longefellow Seduced will be re-issued at EC as well. With this re-release it will open up a whole new world that we have been dying to explore. The Longfellow women are a complicated bunch who have been given the task of policing the paranormal beings that inhabit the planet. We are so excited because each story will be about a different Longfellow. They are related but each story will be its own. THe fun thing is that we are going to explore all facets of the paranormal world..Vampires, Demons, Shifters, and a many more creatures that are out in the world.

We are so excited about this opportunity with EC and couldn’t be more excited or proud to be part of this wonderful company.


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