Never enough time!

everyone has thought it at one point in their life. There’s never enough time. I my case I feel like that on a daily basis. If I devote my time to writing my school work and time spent with my children suffer. I’m pretty good at allocating the use of my time but I still fall short of my goals.

I was finally able to meet with my writing partner VJ to discuss what we are working on. ow that we are delving into our solo stuff while trying to keep “Violet’s” books a priority its been a slow process. Everyday life always manages to stick its nose in and poof the day has ended or a week goes by where you haven’t touched the keyboard. We’re busting but to try to finish up our 6th book for Changeling Press- Nuriel’s Cougar- a series we really enjoy. As usual life , school, kids and family obligations worm their way in and before you know it days, weeks or a month as passed you by. I’m a fairly fast writer but this summer has been a disappointment as far as getting out the books I want to get out.

As it happens I am trying to plan my days out better. Putting aside x amount of time for Violet’s books, time for my solo work and then homework while not neglecting my kids or house work…lol….I have a vacation coming up in August where I will have o homework for a week. I’ll be i the great up north in a rental home and I pray I will actually be able to read a book and finish up A Bite of Justice. Whew I’m tired even thinking about it. Now I just have to carve out some time for exercise…HA…Somethinng I’m not happy about but need to do..



  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about! I cannot believe how quickly time gets away. Good for you for trying to allocate time for everything going on. It’s not always easy to follow through on, but every day you are able to stick with it, the habits become easier. Good luck, sweetie!! Miss you!


  2. Thanks Rosemary, Can;t wait until we can get together again. OF course were going to have to find another place to meet….lol…


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