The Ying and Yang of Life….

It’s funny how life seems to be one long see-saw ride. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of see-saws. I went on my vacation which was a COMPLETE disaster. In the midst of my mental break down sitting on the beach, I looked into the water watching my three kids laughing and playing in the water.

I realized in that moment all the ups and downs in my life mean nothing. As my kids looked for snail shells and splashed each other it hit me. No matter how much good or bad comes into my world I have my kids. Literally the lights in my life among the dark. It pulled me out of my funk, made me lose the aggravation and disappointment of a terrible vacation. They reminded me that the simple things in life were good enough for them, and they should be good enough for me. Something as easy as running around a beach and playing in the water made them happy.

I know people who have money, who can give their families anything they want, but who are so unhappy that I feel sorry for them. I’m reminded that some of the most beautiful moments in life are the quietest, laziest or easiest kid of days. For my birthday the kids made me cards. I wanted to cry they’d put so much effort into them. Their love jumped off the page and wrapped around my heart.  I was reminded that their love doesn’t come with strings attached, they know their mother and love me anyway despite all my flaws. It doesn’t matter to them that I can’t take them to Disneyland. It doesn’t matter that we don’t have a pool or wear designer clothes or live in a better neighborhood.

I used to think these things were important to make them happy. It doesn’t, like a cleansing rain they MADE their mom change her mind about a lot of things in my life. In one brief moment my kids taught me a life lesson. Everything about real happiness, true  fulfillment. It started the moment they were put into my arms I’ve been loved. They depend on me, yes for the basics but what they really love is time with me. Sitting around the table and playing a game of Uno, going for a walk in the evening around the neighborhood, sitting in the livingroom watching a movie and sharing some popcorn. I get the privilege of seeing life through their eyes. I get to see the wonder of their discovery about life. I’m now re-living the joys of adolescence. A trip down memory lane that is sometimes painful. Like any mother I want to save my child from all the hurts in the world, but I know that he must learn the lessons on his own. My little discovery has shifted my priorities and put may things into perspective and I’m forever grateful.



The finals for school are over. SO tomorrow I’m taking the kids on a 3 hr drive up North in Michigan. We rented a cute little house to stay in for 5 glorious days of rest and laugh because with 3 kids and 2 dogs and a DH who acts 12 I’m not sure how much relaxing there will actually be.

The plan is to have an armful of books ( I can’t tell you the last TIME I was able to read an ENTIRE book) The lap top will be coming and since I have no internet up there to distract me the plan is to finish up the 3rd Alexander Wolves book A Bite of Justice and get working on the next Longfellow book Longfellow Forgiven….I have so much I want to get done and have set a personal writing goal for myself for my solo stuff ( Hoping to finish three/ four solo stories by the end of the year) and hopefully Violet will have two or three new ones…whew I know sounds like a lot, but there is so much in my WIP’s folders that I have to knuckle down. I’m promising myself 1000 words or more a day. A pretty easy goal and anything more is gravy. I need to clear some of these voices out of my head…lol its getting way too crowded for my own well being…..

Sierra 🙂

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