The finals for school are over. SO tomorrow I’m taking the kids on a 3 hr drive up North in Michigan. We rented a cute little house to stay in for 5 glorious days of rest and laugh because with 3 kids and 2 dogs and a DH who acts 12 I’m not sure how much relaxing there will actually be.

The plan is to have an armful of books ( I can’t tell you the last TIME I was able to read an ENTIRE book) The lap top will be coming and since I have no internet up there to distract me the plan is to finish up the 3rd Alexander Wolves book A Bite of Justice and get working on the next Longfellow book Longfellow Forgiven….I have so much I want to get done and have set a personal writing goal for myself for my solo stuff ( Hoping to finish three/ four solo stories by the end of the year) and hopefully Violet will have two or three new ones…whew I know sounds like a lot, but there is so much in my WIP’s folders that I have to knuckle down. I’m promising myself 1000 words or more a day. A pretty easy goal and anything more is gravy. I need to clear some of these voices out of my head…lol its getting way too crowded for my own well being…..

Sierra 🙂


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