Romanticon here I come!

One week from today I will be in the mom-mobile making my way to Ellora Cave’s annual Romanticon weekend. I will be going as an author and can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of having so much fun.

I look forward to again talking with the editor and chief who is one kick-ass woman. As I’ve complained before I’ve hit a major writers block and I’m hoping that this event will get the juices flowing again as well as the ideas.

There are going to be two costume events. A cavewoman/man night and a futuristic night. I am completely thrilled about this. My costumes are awesome…lol…. Some of you may know that last year I had gastric bypass surgery and have gone from a 26 to a 10. Now at 43 I’m truly enjoying the shopping experience for the first time in my entire life. I have always been a big girl and I ha a really good self-image. My decision for the surgery was based on health, namely me ending up with diabetes or high blood pressure etc…. A road I didn’t want to travel as I have several family members who have gone through and are suffering through some of the devastating things that can go wrong with these diseases.

I am so happy to be debuting the NEW me. I know some people don’t like to let others know they’ve had the surgery. Hell I shout it from the rooftops. My life has been saved and I’ve added 20 years to it. I don’t push it on anyone else and I try to support those who’ve gone through are currently or in the future going to do something similar.

Back to Romanticon. Its been a rough year and I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. One reader turned good friend and I are sharing a room ( can’t wait to see you Dotty). There will be some of my favorite people there ( Laura) and I can’t wait until this week gets done’ and over with.

I hope many of my readers will be there I would love the chance to meet you and talk.





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