The Muse is back

Yes the little bitch has finally escaped the from the deep dark dungeon I apparently had him lovcked up in. The imp was slow to emerge but now he’s back with a vengance. I was on my way to school yesterday when the ending scene to a new series I’m fiddling around with popped into my brain. Sitting in the student lounge I had to hand write the scene while it was fresh and it kept getting longer.

Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled to welcome the little bastard back. ( NO worries he enjoys the pet names I give him as well as a good flogging every now and then) He just LOVES to make an appearance at the wrong time and place. I welcome him with open arms even when he shows up at the most inappropriate times.

I’m off of school starting Friday and wo’t have to return January 9th. So the goal well I’m busting my ass on the second Longfellow book. VJ and I are supposed to start on the next Merab book and I have four WIPS I need to get some serious work done on.

My goal is no less then 3000 words a day, everyday of my vacation. It has to be done. When I go back to school its Anatomy 2 for me and I’ll be lucky if I have a brain cell left while studying for this class.

So the best way for me to police myself is to blog my progress…hahahahaha….I’m not sure if that will keep me on the straight and narrow, but I’ve lost 140 pounds there is NO reason why I can’t do this.

Wish me luck and stop by and let me kow your plans over Christmas break…..


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  1. YAY!!! So glad you’re back!!


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