Serious writing has begun

The big holiday is over. The kids are already bored and today was my first day of 3000 words a day challenge for myself. I started of working on the next Longfellow book. The characters managed to piss me off so I need a break.

I worked on a new story that I’ve started. Working title Pitch Black. SO here’s a little something from the beginning. I’ll probably be putting up snippets of stories I’m working on. It’s always nice to get a little feedback 🙂 Of course these are unedited rough draft bits and pieces but what the hell…

* * * *

“Pitch, he said you were an unprofessional bitch.”Billy leaned back in his beat up leather chair, hands behind his head.

“Did he also happen to mention that he never let me forget he could show me a good time while we were trying to clear out that shack he considers a house?”

“You know he didn’t, but its part of the business. You need to be able to handle the clients with a bit more professionalism.

She flopped down in the equally battered chair in front of her boss. “I was professional until he grabbed my ass and offered to show me what it was good for. He’s lucky all he got was a broken nose, I could have rendered him sterile for the rest of his piggish life.”

* * * *

Oh and I reached my 3000 word mark. So day one was a success.


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