Day Two of the writing blitz

So I woke up at six a.m. bright and early and opened the laptop. Surprise, surprise the words started to flow. I’ve gotten into Longfellow Forgiven I just have to NOT look at all the other things that need to be done. VJ and I pushed out a bunch of stuff under the name Violet Summers but its become increasingly harder to stay in a steady flow. I have school, three kids, two dogs and one Guinea pig. VJ has her Evil Day Job, a teenaged god-daughter , kitties and her parents that she takes care of.

We so want to write more, write faster but life seems to be inserting itself into  writing time. The Calender seems to be working for me. I need the structure and instead of looking at my writing goals as the enemy I’ve tried to look at them as a oppertunity to really pick up my pace.

Whenever I start getting bogged down  I take a look at my photos of HOT men and eventually work my way back to writing..

Here’s a honey who always inspires


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