The year in review

The Mayan’s may have had it right becauseĀ I sure as hell can’t wait for this bloody year to be over with. I have never been through so many highs and lows in all my 40 plus years. I’ve learned some hard lessons and understood real emotional pain when it comes to love and loss.

I know what I’ve learned will go a long way in helping me to write more books. The ideas are coming so fast I can’t keep up and have to put them down on word and into a folder to be attemtped to complete later.

Romanticon was the highlight of my fellow writers and all the readers was pricelss as usual. I love cons and wished I could fo to many more. RT is next on my list whenever I will be able to afford. I want to thank those who have enjoyed my work as Sierra and as one half of Violet. You’ve made this girl’s dream come true and how many people can say that!!!!!!!!!!

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