gratitude is something I’ve recently learned to appreciate and acknowledge. I recently had surgery and was quite terrified about it. But my husband was there for me before, during and now is taking care of me and my children afterwards until I get back on my feet.

I have learned the true meaning of love. Not the stuff of fantasy but the kind of real life. Everyday he does little things to make life easy. He works hard during the day only to come home and works even more to help me. We’ve been together for almost 20 years but I have to admit there were times I didnt’ make things easy for him. This experience has taught me to appreciate my dear husband. He has been there for me through good times and bad. THink and thin, sickness and health.

While there have been challenges, there are always such in  along marriage I find that when I think about him I smile. He’s done him best to make me happy and that can never be replaced by anyone or anything.

Today I am grateful to a man who has dealt with a lot from me and still stands strong. I love you honey and always will.


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  1. What a wonderful blog to read this morning Sierra! Hugs and love your way! My husband got extra kisses this morning because of it. 🙂


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