Tease Me Wild

Tease Me Wild           Tease Me Wild is the newest book from my Club BBW series available on Amazon.

This contains material intended for mature readers over the age on 18 only.

Chapter One

Lacey hung up the phone and turned off her computer. Her boss, Mason Jones stuck his head out his office door.

“Lacey I need you to work late. If fact I’ll need you for the entire weekend. Don’t worry I’ll compensate you for your time.”

“I can’t work this weekend I have plans.”

His jet black brow arched. “Surely you can cancel any plans you may have. This is important.”

She swung around in her chair to face him. “I’m sorry but I can’t change my plans. I’m doing a charity auction tonight.”

“A charity auction.” His lips pressed in a grim line. “Forget it. I’ll make a donation and you can blow it off.”

“No, I made a commitment and I intend to keep it. You can still donate if you like.” She loved working for Mason. What wasn’t to love? He paid her well, gave her generous benefits and was the hottest man she’d ever seen. From his short raven locks to his buns of steel. She wished she could spend the weekend going over more than the sale of one of his smaller companies. But she’d given her word and Lacey didn’t go back on promises even for her delicious boss.

“I have to insist that you be here. I need you Lacey.”

Amusement turned to anger at the threat. “Mason Jones how dare you pull this you have to do what I say routine on me.”

The nerve of the man. She may be in love with her workaholic boss but she wasn’t going to be at his beck and call. She had a life. At least she was forcing herself to have a life outside of her job. In the two years she’d been working for him she fallen hopelessly, helplessly head over heels in love with the man.

He on the other hand couldn’t see beyond a spread sheet. She might as well have been part of the furniture. A talking extension of her computer. He didn’t notice her as a woman just another employee and she was tired of not going out.

She hadn’t had sex in months and it was starting to make her grumpy. No woman should ever have to go without being fucked silly and she was determined to change that. But she wouldn’t be able to do that being stuck in the office.

“Please Lacey.” He lowered his voice an octave. Something he liked to do when he wanted something to go his way. While her heart wanted to give into his request her head had other ideas. Why should she give up the opportunity to meet a man at the auction tonight? Someone who actually wanted to spend some romantic time with her. It was much better than being stuck at work.

“This sale is going through on Monday and I really need help finishing up these reports.” He continued.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll get Sharon up here from the budget department. She won’t mind working and needs the extra money.”

Mason crossed his arms clearly disappointed. “Why is this auction so damn important that you can’t work this weekend?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but I gave my word I’d be there.”

He raised his perfect raven brow. “What are you auctioning off?”

“I’m being auctioned off.” She felt the blush spreading from her face down her chest. Damn her fair skin. “I’m not the only one. There will be several women. It’s for a great cause.”

“Let’s make a deal. I’ll donate money and you stay here and work. I can make it worth your time.”

“Thank you that’s very generous but I want to do the auction. I’ll get a free dinner from whoever buys me and I’m really looking forward to having a date.” He frowned. Mason was used to getting his way and didn’t take losing very well. “You could still donate the money if you like.”  It sounded lame but she wasn’t about to give up the chance of meeting a man. She secretly hoped it would be someone nice and maybe some she could spend her precious free time with.

“Let me call Sharon. She can help you with anything that I could.” She tried to soften the blow. She really didn’t understand why he was so insistent that she be the one to stay. Normally she would have jumped at the chance to spend time with Mason but she’d grown weary of the one sided crush she had on him. He’d never shown the slightest interest in her. Hell, she doubted he saw her as a woman. Most times she felt like an extension of the furniture in the office.

He was a great boss. He compensated his employees well. Had a generous benefits package and was generally a nice guy. Lacey had to face reality, there was no way someone like him would ever be interested in her. He dated willowy blondes with perfect bodies. She was average height, plain brown hair and chubby.

She was told often enough how cute she was. Her spattering of freckles across her button nose and full lips drew many compliments. She was a realist though. Mason liked a certain type of female and she didn’t fit the bill. She was going to be with someone who chose her because he was attracted to her-wanted her. She long ago stopped trying to turn herself into someone she wasn’t.

Even with the knowledge that she’d never look the way Mason enjoyed his women she still had it bad for the man. His was tall well over six feet with emerald green eyes. His face was chiseled perfection, with a straight nose and scrumptious mouth. She dreamt of his large hands caressing her body. His wicked lips kissing her all over. She broke out in a sweat whenever they were close. His fresh from the shower scent made her pussy clenched.

“Fine call Sharon.” He turned away from her and went back into his office.


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