I have come to love writing villain’s into my stories. It’s cathartic. When I’m annoyed or angry what better way to work through it then to kill off a villain. Be it the obsessive male or vindictive female it’s all the same to me. I’m not a masochistic but I do get a small thrill when I get to punish the villain. That’s a great thing about being a writer. You get to explore all depths of emotion and are able to work out some personal stuff within a story.

When in a good mood I write about love and when I’m in a  bad mood I get kill someone or send them to jail. Exacting revenge on those who cause me pain. It’s a good way to get those feelings out and move onto the next story.

A villain takes on many faces. Be it someone who has hurt you mentally or physically. You can write it and move on. From the man who pushed you out-of-the-way while going to work to the snarky bitch who always has something negative to say. As a writer you get to stamp them out. Make their lives miserable if only in a story. As my writing partner can attest to writing some violent scenes can be fun and is a good way to get things out.

I’m all about trying to let the past go but sometimes you have to do something else. Sometimes there is no brushing off an insult or wiping away the hurt. The best way to deal with such things is to write a really fun fight scene. In stories you get to write out what you would never say or do in real life. In your imagination you get the chance to right a wrong. And of course with each successful story you’re getting your best revenge by putting it out their and making money off the misery someone else had inflicted upon you.

Villains are one of the best things about writing. Writing them frees up your mind from the clutter of those who have wronged you in some way and I love it! SO thank you to the never-ending line of assholes who have angered me. You’ve given me an outlet to kick your ass, at least on the page. The best part is you don’t even know it.

Some say the best revenge is a life well-lived. I say its writing about the death or imprisonment- hell even as ass kicking on someone who thinks its okay to make you angry or hurt. My life wouldn’t be half as interesting if it were not for the bad guys.


Tempt Me Wild

My new Club BBW book now available on Kindle.

Tempt Me Wild- Here is a peak

Rosie waited near the entrance of the stage trying not to wobble on the

ridiculous heels she was wearing. She fidgeted with the tight green dress she’d bought at the last moment for the occasion.

She was such a softy for charity events and this case was no different. The lineup of woman was blurry without her glasses and she prayed she wouldn’t trip and fall flat on her face.

Just as she was about to take the stage, one of the event planners pulled at her elbow.

“You don’t have to go up. Someone has purchased you sight unseen.” The wiry little man said smugly.

Purchased her? She wasn’t a whore for sale. This was supposed to be an auction for a date. Nothing more was required.

“Who bid on me?” She demanded, emphasizing the word bid.

The man shrugged his shoulders. “It was someone who wanted to remain anonymous. He phoned in the bid five minutes ago.”

“I hope he’s been checked out.” She certainly didn’t want to end up with some crazy man.

“I’ve been assured that he has been thoroughly vetted. Anyway, it wasn’t like he spent a fortune or anything. I’ve got the bid in my hand and you went for a cool thousand dollars.”

Her stomach dropped. Only one-thousand? The other girls who were being auctioned off were getting huge amounts of money. Compared to them she felt like a book in one of her bargain bins. Not worth much anymore. Her head began to ache and her embarrassment was at an all-time high. She’d never felt a case of the ugly ducklings like she was at this moment.

Rosie wasn’t under any delusions about how she looked. She was one of the curvier females here. She was a bookworm, a plain big- assed Jane. She was socially awkward and couldn’t care less about the latest fashions on the runway. They only fit size zero women anyway.

Size zero – she couldn’t even imagine being that tiny. Her mother told her it was unnatural to be that scrawny. Of course, there were plenty of others who thought she was way too healthy. It was the same old story – you have such a pretty face; now if you could lose some weight you’d be beautiful.

She wanted to throw up every time someone said that to her.

“Here,” he said, handing her an envelope. “Inside are the details about the date.”

She wobbled off the stage and took off her shoes as soon as she was out of sight. She went to the employees lounge in the club and retrieved her purse with her glasses in them. She sat at a small table and put them on. Opening the darn envelope, she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking.

The note was short. She would be picked up in the morning by a driver and she was to dress in comfortable and casual clothes. That’s it.

There was nothing more to it. She crumpled it up and tossed it in the trash. She was outta here. There was no way she was going to explain to anyone this strange event. Time to go home and order a pizza and drink a little wine.

tempt me wild

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