Driving A Wolf Crazy!


My new cover for my next self pub. 

Petra is desperate. If she doesn’t come up with some money soon she’s going to lose her business. A series of unfortunate events has driven most of her business away and now she’s on the brink of bankruptcy. But she has one last plan to boost her clientele and that is to go after the werewolf Chapel and banquet hall. If she can get an exclusive contract to provide the flowers for their many events she can pay her rent and save her shop.

Jack is not only a hot blooded wolf but Petra’s landlord. He’s unwilling to give the curvy flower shop owner a break. He’s in the business to make money. Besides if he gave her any slack his other tenants would want the same concessions. She’s smart and he knows she can get work elsewhere, she has a degree for cryin out loud. But she isn’t giving up. And instead dives head first into the wolves community, a community that doesn’t particularly like humans. Now he has to spend his time worrying about her traipsing through the wolves side of town without drawing the wrong kind of attention and ,making sure she can fill her orders on time. He isn’t supposed to care about her success or not but the more time he spends around her, the more he needs to touch her soft skin and taste her sweet lips. Yep, he’s one frustrated wolf and the only female that can scratch his itch is Petra. Now if he could only convince her of that.

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