Introducing Ember Frost!

Ember Frost is the pen name I’m using for some specific types of books. First for my Encounter books. Encounters will be a series, telling the story of Allison Parks and her sexual awakening. I love the idea of her journey of self- discovery, where she learns about sex and all its glorious variety. Encounters is a peak into her life and the men she meets. Men who show her how spectacular sex can be. She learns how to express what she likes and learns what men like. It’s fun and sexy and very explicit. It’s not a romance in the traditional sense. Will she find her other half by the end of the series? That I’m not sure of but it will be fun to find out.

The next series by Ember will be The Gods of Kink. These are dark romances that ride on the edge of sexual boundries. These hero’s won’t except the vanilla, Saturday night special with traditional positions and an unsatisfying end. No, they push their chosen lover’s, daring them to go further than they’ve ever gone before. The Gods of Kink are just that-Kinky. Their lover’s learn how to be sensual, sexual, they learn that there are more places on the body to touch than tits and between the legs. Toys and handcuffs, endless teasing, and the hottest sex ever known to man. These men will teach their chosen lover’s to crave things they didn’t know they even wanted. These books are very explicit, contain various forms of BDSM, some instances of forced seduction, kidnapping, some will have multiple partners, every position imaginable, exploring every fantasy out there.

I’ve started the first one- Hades Captive- and am so excited to see what the god of the underworld has planned for his little mortal.

Sierra Summers hasn’t gone away. She will still write contemporary and paranormal romances. Sweet and intense romances but as I stated the darker side of sex is all Ember’s to play with. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

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