Happy Summer Solstice, Last Post Today…I Think….

The Summers Solstice-the longest day of the year. Some believe it marks the beginning of summer. Others mark it as midsummer. It’s a time of celebration of the sun. That great yellow star gives us warmth, light, helps things grow. We get vitamin D from it.

I missed the heat and the sunlight during our very long and harsh winter this year and I was so damn happy when we had the first hot day here in Michigan. I love this time of year and after tomorrow will be able to fully engage and find the joy of the summer and I’m so excited about it.

I’m still waking up early (still on school time) and I hope it will continue-though I refuse to use my alarm. There is nothing better than sitting outside in the sun and breathing in the fresh air and just relaxing. I think we’ve lost the art of just being quiet and enjoying some time with ourselves.

We need that alone time. To think, to dream and to reflect. Some people hate being left alone with their thoughts, but don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to feel that way sometimes. Especially if there is some kind of inner or outer turmoil in your life. I know I definitely have times where I don’t want to think about certain things but I found if I just let them play out in my head and get it over with it won’t haunt me all the time.

It may be uncomfortable for awhile but it eventually passes. Oh, I can guarantee it will come back again. But somehow, sitting surrounded in my big backyard, in my swing, listening to the woodpecker who comes back to my home every year and watching my dogs Jake and Tanner play in the grass I am able to find a strange kind of peace.

July and August bring me joy. Opening my windows and breathing in the fresh air brings me joy. I loathe turning on the air conditioner but my kids hate the heat. So they get the cold air and I get the bright sun.

We’ve had a lot of rain this month and it’s fit my mood perfectly but now that the month is soon coming to a close and with it some pretty disturbing memories, I’m happy to move pas the angst and regret and ready to live again until next June comes around. Monday the 23rd is the start on my New Year-every year. It’s the month I make resolutions and promises to myself.

I have so much to look forward to and I’m hopeful. 48 hours to go until I start fresh and will again enjoy the sun, the warmth and the possibilities of what my future has to offer.


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