Reality T.V Hell! What are we devolving into?

I’m guilty, I’ll admit it. I’m fascinated by the Real Housewives. It’s a cynical reason that I watch them. Like an accident scene that you can’t take your eyes off of, watching these shows gives me the same feeling.

First off, I know they aren’t really “Reality”. That scenes are often suggested, or enhanced. What fascinates me is how these women have everything money could buy. They go to the best parties, they travel all over the world. They’re surgically enhanced to have the prettiest face and bodies.

But these women stab each other in the back with little provocation or outright revenge. The worst part is that I’m always surprised how they will gut each other without any thought to how they may appear not only to their friends and family but to the larger viewing audience. I end up feeling sorry for those who just can’t hang with the rest of the vipers in the pit. Yet I still tune in.

Now, I’m seeing commercials for new more ridiculous shows. One is where a couples get married and meet for the first time at the alter. REALLY? Have we sunk so low, trying to carve out 15 minutes that may lead to something bigger that people are going to marry a complete stranger? SMH!!!

Then we have the Bachelor- Which I think is the worst among them all. Grown women vying for the attention of one man. They will do whatever it takes to get the guy. I just don’t understand why seemingly intelligent, pretty girls (cause you know they only feature the right size, shape etc…) would be reduced to some of the most vile behavior for a complete stranger. How many marriages have actually taken place? Very few. I find it one of the most misogynistic programs on T.V. It reduces women to nothing but stereotypes and these women slide right into their roles.

The list goes on and on but is the developers of these shows to blame? No, it’s US the people who tune in to see this drivel. We don’t flip the remote, we watch. Rooting for some, laughing at others and swearing at others.

I guess for me, they make me feel really good about my life and what I have. My friends and family. My kids and my home. I can say that I wouldn’t want a camera following my every move, seeing me at my worst or editing film to make things look juicier then they really are.

I’m trying to ween myself off these shows…lol. and looking for something better. I find I watch a lot of BBC America, Syfy and others. Netflix also opens up even more shows to discover.

So my list for the summer-                                 What I’m looking forward to in the fall

Dominion                                                              The Big Bang Theory

Falling Skies                                                         Vikings (Best show in years)

Defiance                                                                Game of Thrones

Bedlam                                                                  Supernatural

Of course- Hell’s Kitchen                                        The Originals


The Leftovers


Good stuff is out there, you just have to look where you may not have looked before. Vikings is on the history channel but is so well done and so entertaining. I just can’t say anything bad about that show.

An even better idea is make up your summer reading list and get going on it.


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