An Open Letter to the Men who secretly love Curvy Women-You know who you are!!!!


   thEveryone has a “type”. There’s nothing wrong with it. We’re attracted to who we are attracted to. There’s is a very large stable of types out there. Hgt, wght, hair/eye color, body shape etc…I’m a fan of to each their own.

I’m also NOT referring to the men who are proud of the fact they like a curvy girl. They show her off, they cherish her and treat her like the princess she is.

 This letter is addressed to the man who hides his deep, desire for plus-sized women. We know who you are, we see you everywhere. And there are a few things you need to understand pal.

BBW’s are not a fetish. Women are women regardless of size and shape. We want the same things. We feel the same things. Just because the package is bigger doesn’t change the inside.

Plus-sized girls are NOT grateful for your attention! Do you really believe because you’re hot that we should thank our lucky stars you give us attention. Or that we’re so thrilled to look upon your face that we will be fine never going out in public, and be fine relegated to stay within the walls of your home.

We know you really want us. That you are comfortable with us, have fun with us. You love our soft skin. Our full bodies and the way we feel next to you. You love everything about us. In fact you’ve never been happier than when your with us.

So why are you hiding us? Keeping us in the shadows? Why do you make fun of the fat girl when you’re out with your friends? Why do you date and marry women who may be perfectly nice but just don’t do it for you?

The answer is simple.

It’s because of you? That’s right-you have only you to blame.

You lack the strength of character to tell those who might give you shit over your preferences to piss off and mind their own business. You can’t tell them that if they don’t like your curvy girl then you’re no longer going to be around them.

You worry about what society thinks. A hot guy is supposed to be with a woman who looks like a model. Well the last time I checked there were plenty of models that were 14 and above. And exactly WHO is “society” anyway. DO they keep you warm at night? DO they make you laugh, take care of you when your sick or hold you when your sad?

So if you can’t be proud of the women you find the most desirable and attractive then stick to a different kind of female.

BBW’s have put up with enough shit in their life. From the time we are small, someone is always there to let us know that there is something wrong with us. We are body shamed so often that we eventually can finish the sentence of whatever asshole is giving us shit. We’ve been given every diet tip, exercise program and every kind of advice known to man.

We’ve stopped trying to explain that we aren’t lazy. We don’t eat from morning to-night. A lot of us are very healthy, our numbers prove it. Times have changed and we’re not going to take being made to feel like a frumpy, second class citizen. Desperate for attention- we aren’t. There are plenty of good, quality men in the world who like us for who we are. There are men in the world who enjoy all sizes and shapes and choose who they date based on the person and not a dress size.

We are more than worthy and you would be lucky to have us on your arm and in your bed. We deserve to be celebrated and shown off. Appreciated and wanted. We deserve our mate to proudly tell the world “This is my women!”

My point boys is this. If you feel as though you have to hide us then don’t bother with us. Let a real confident man step up and treat us the way we so richly deserve!



You loved this best!













  1. Yes!!! I’d love to take this post and bash a few men in the head with it. LOL

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  2. Out-the-closet big-girl lover since way back and proud of it! Very well-written, Sierra.

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  3. OMG! I love this post! So true. As a BBW, I have met many lovely men who like me for me, and loved my fat, healthy, extremely active, non-lazy body just as much, and had no issues with it in public. My partner doesn’t even consider it an issue, he loves me, he is very attracted to me, and loves to show me off. He makes me feel nothing but sexy, and yes he makes me feel like a Princess. BUT, I make him feel like my Prince also. It’s a two way thang.

    But I so agree with this, who the heck deemed liking BBW’s a fetish? Seriously! If a man likes women who are blonde/brunette/redhead/big boobed etc, does it make that a fetish also? Of course not. Is it a fetish if a man is only attracted to ‘skinny’ women?

    Sadly though, I have met a small minority of dudes who had issues with liking BBW’s. There was this one dude I used to work with in my early 20’s, he would make a lot of comments behind my back, you know they type ‘omg, she is so fat’. One time, I was about to sit down on the office chair, and he gathered a group of guys to watch me sitting down – he was fascinated by me moving for some reason. I didn’t realise what he was doing, and only knew what he was doing cause one of the guys in the group thought it was out of order, and pointed out loud just what a jerk this guy was being (the guy who pointed this out, eventually asked me out on a date, and wasn’t ashamed of liking a ‘big gal’). Anyway, this guy was just absolutely obsessed with the way my body moved, how I sat on chairs, how I walked and making nasty remarks. I only realised it once it was pointed out to me. Apparently his weirdness was going on for ages before I realised.

    It got a little worrying just how much of a big deal he was making about me being fat. Normal asshats who mock large people, generally make their sh*tty comments and move on. With this one dude, it kept going on and on. I’m not normally bothered by ‘fat haters’, just as I would not normally be bothered by any trifling idiot, it’s not worth my time, energy, and I actually often find them funny in the way you would find a dog chasing its tail funny. But this guys behavior became worrying.

    One day, he didn’t realise I was in the room when he said ‘her ass is just so fat, look at her sit on a chair, she’s gonna break it’. So I blurt out ‘hey, moron, what is with you and your obsession with my awesome fat ass?’. He turned around and went bright crimson and couldn’t utter a word. So, I continued (I’m paraphrasing here, it was about 15 years ago) “look, d*ckhead, I know you must be having closet type fantasies about boning fat chicks, but are failing to come to terms with your own inadequacy in being able to attract fat chicks, but seriously, stop projecting your issues on to me. STOP obsessing over every little move my body makes. STOP staring and sniggering in the background like some mentally impaired moron. Most of all, grow the f*ck up and act like a DECENT human being”. Everyone just stood in astonishment, and no one said a word. His face went crimson, and I walked off.

    I left that job not long after, not because of that issue, but was offered a better paying job.

    A few years later, I saw him on the street arm in arm with a lovely looking, and very big, fat chick.


    • And that is how it usually goes. Those who are the most vocal in their “disgust” are the ones hiding how they really feel!


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