A Lover Like No Other

sm_1031xcoq_fv1          The one thing I hate hearing more than anything else in the world is that big girls try harder in bed and that’s why guys who wouldn’t normally be with them out in public are down with them in private. It absolutely infuriates me to the point that I want to slap them into the next room.

   Listen fella’s we aren’t TRYING in bed and we sure as hell are doing anything special FOR YOU!

It’s simply that WE ARE THAT GOOD!  If your world isn’t getting rock elsewhere , you should be asking the question why not? Why doesn’t your current or past lovers make you feel like your heads about to explode?

I’ll let you in on a little secret, just because she may look like a porn star doesn’t mean she can perform like one, in fact 99 % of people don’t. 

Want to know another secret, a majority of people just aren’t that good when it comes to sex. There are a multitude of reasons for it. The first being they don’t enjoy the act itself. It’s viewed as a chore, I’ve known people who actually keep one eye on the clock, counting down the minutes until its over…their partners know it but are so happy at the chance to get off they ignore it.

 My favorite is the teacher. When she will teach him everything that two people can share, in every way possible. Where talking about what they want and what feels good is easy. From teaching someone how to properly kiss, to how soft or hard to touch. Where to go and how to get there. From the beginning to the end.

They are so egocentric they believe that you only will ever have that with them and never have it with anyone else again. As if someone how they were catalyst that turned on the sexual goddess within you.

Lovely Ladies- Don’t put up with a male saying you try harder because you’re a big girl! EVER!!!!!!!!! I don’t use the word man because frankly these men are so vain, so insecure and so worried how the world perceives them that they aren’t anywhere near close to being a man.

Fear not because what he experienced with you will never be duplicated with anyone else. Oh he will try, he will bring things up but it won’t be the same ever!!!

The powerful intimacy, the complete vulnerability and trust won’t be there. It won’t ever feel the same with a more “socially accepted” partner. A deep part of them will always have a big hole that will never be filled. They will try over and over and over but time and again it will slap them in the face. They will remember random things as odd moments. Toes, ears, laughter, their name whispered, a bite, a back massage, a cupped face. And all the other little things that stick with you, no matter how much water there is under the bridge. No matter how many years will go by.

No matter if you never hear from them or lay eyes on them again.

So girls when you hear some jerk-off saying that big girls try harder in bed what he’s really saying is that you’re the best thing he’s ever had and he won’t ever forget you. So chuckle because most likely he’ll end up with a cold little fish who couldn’t even come close to you and how you made him feel.


I dare you to finally tell truth-the whole truth!

you used to be man enough!


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