Writing the Curvy Heroine

th 2th  I am passionate about writing my Curvy girls. It was who I was for the better part of 40 years. It’s who I identify with as a woman and it’s who I still see when I look in the mirror.

One thing that has frustrated myself and others is the lack of covers with curvy women on them. There just aren’t that many from the photo image sites that I use.

Even when I look online just to find women to use on a blog post, I have some trouble. Most of the shots are lingerie shots and its usually of the same four or five models. I like to show various sizes and shapes of curvy women. Be it a size 14 or a 24 or whatever it may be. I think it’s important to show beauty in all forms and wearing more than a bra and panties.

Writing the BBW heroine is sometimes tricky for me. Do I want her weight to be an issue she needs to work through? Was she betrayed because of it? Was she insulted, taken advantage of or overlooked?

Should her self-esteem issues ever be the direct cause of conflict with the hero? I’m not real comfortable taking that route because the last thing I want for my curvy girl is to come off whiny and I can’t imagine a man having the patience to bolster someone damaged ego all the time.

What I’ve found out is that most authors in this genre are great at balancing any self-doubt our heroine has with her own self discovery that she is indeed beautiful and worth love.

There is truly nothing better than to read the journey of a hot alpha male falling hard for a curvy woman and loving everything about her body. Every hill and valley. Every bump and ripple. The reason it’s so fun is because there are indeed men like that in real life. They could be your neighbor, the guy who changes your oil, your tax attorney…my point is you might not ever know who they are but they exist.

My second favorite Curvy woman is the kind who loves herself, her body and her place in life. When she sees something she wants, she goes after it. She’s not afraid to work hard and she plays even harder. She’s tough on the outside and soft on the inside. And once her walls are down, she is yours forever.

In life as in my books, I think it takes a special man to love and appreciate a curvy woman. To understand that she hasn’t always treated well. That she might not trust so easily. That deep inside she’d waiting for the inevitable other shoe to drop. That sometimes she is fearful about her place in your world. That there are times when she can’t believe you’re in her life or that you’ve chosen her.

So boys, let me save you a little time if you’re trying to woo one of these beautiful women. First of all….Do Not tell her you aren’t like other guys. We’ve lost count how many times we’ve been told that. Those words hold no meaning anymore!

Your actions speak volumes. If you say you’re going to call, than call…If you say you’re going to stop by (unless you get hit by a bar on the way over) stop by.

If you want to tell her what you love about her save the tits and ass for the bedroom- again we know we’re rockin in that area, find something else. Be creative…there’s a lot to choose from. How her skin feels against yours, to what her eyes remind you of etc….

In my books my hero’s are proud of their women and let the world know it. They will kiss them, touch them, hold them, anywhere and in front of anyone. They are treated like the precious females they truly are, like every woman should be treated every single day of her life.

and trust me, if you treat a woman like this she will return the favor. It may take her a few weeks just because she may be in shock but once she realizes this is for real and not just so you can get laid, you will reap more rewards than you can handle. But you have to keep it up. It has to be on a consistent basis and you’ll see that its you she goes to when she wants to feel love and comfort. When she wants to laugh and relax. You will be her soft place to land and she will in turn become yours.

If for some crazy assed reason you’re woman doesn’t respond to this kind of loving then you are definitely NOT with a curvy girl!!!!!!!!! And most definitely with the wrong mate period!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every time I finish a book, I hope that everyone who happens to read it has the same kind of love and acceptance in their life and if not I always hope they will go out and find it!!!!!!!!!!!



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