NaNo Writing Month

NaNo writing month. This is the first year that I’m participating in the yearly event. It’s officially been 1 year since I’ve finished a manuscript. So I thought I needed to shake things up and try something new. My muse has left the building and the little bastard won’t be back. So I’ve chosen NaNo to be the catalyst to kick-start my writing again.

For those who aren’t familiar with NaNo Writing month, it happens every November 1rst. The goal, on the surface is simple- Write 50,000 words in 30 days. You plow through without going back and checking what you’ve written, no editing…nothing to take you out of your writing space.

It’s just you and your computer or notebook. Writing, writing, writing. Every genre is being worked on by people around the world. They have a great site that you set up your profile, you can get tips and advice from authors. There is a large community to meet others like yourself. It’s a celebration of writing for the love of telling a story. They have a ton of events around where I live. My writing partner is going to one in Royal Oak to check out what is happening on the east side of the Metro Area while I’m checking out the stuff on the west side.

The book I’ve decided to write is LEGEND. It’s a story I’ve had in the w.i.p pile for 5 years. Legend is a retelling of the King Arthur story set in the year 2250. It’s an erotic romance and of course it certainly won’t end the way it did the first time. It’s set in New Detroit and there is a new species of man who live alongside humans.

I’ve been looking forward to exploring this new world as it’s something completely different for me. My hope is the story will be rich and vivid in the world building. That I can give a nod to the original mythos but add another dimension to the story that has lived on for hundreds of years.

Every version of Arthur from Excalibur to The Once and Future King to The Mists of Avalon have all told the King Arthur’s story in a unique and wonderful way. I’m striving to bring this new version into the same light as those that have gone on before me.

I’m kind of freaked out and excited about this whole adventure in such a short period of time. For anyone who thinks is easy to produce a 50, 000 word story that isn’t shit in 1 month, then I challenge you to join NaNo and see for yourself  just how “Easy” it is.

This story was born from a Souxsie and the Banshees song that I was listening to in the car one morning. The scene that popped into my head was so strong and so real that I’ve never been able to get it out of my head.

I’ve whipped up a cover to not only inspire me but the one I will use if I decide to self-pub it. To all those who are embarking on the same journey as myself I wish  you all the luck in the world. Feel free to drop by and leave your thoughts, what you’re writing or anything else! I love hearing from readers and writers alike.


Legend 2


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