Those Dirty, Dirty Blonde’s

images  We’ve all read books featuring the tall, dark and handsome hero. It’s been drilled into us since we were children. The knight that would come and sweep us off our feet and make the world a beautiful place. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy tall, dark and handsome.

I thought for a nice change of pace, I’d put up a dedication to those dirty blondes that make us go crazy. Whether died or natural, there’s nothing better than a scruffy, blonde. My best and sweetest relationships have always been with blondes. I think it’s because I’m the opposite of them with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes. I even tried to be blonde a few times and it just wasn’t me, plus keeping up the dye job was too much.

So for your viewing pleasure here are a few of the hottest men in the world. I threw in a ginger because I’m sort partial to them.



Blonde 1Blonde 2BradimagesCHarlieJensenMartinPaulRedVikings



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