Music day!!!!

We’re having some bizarre weather in Michigan. 50 today and down to 31 tomorrow. I’m not surprised, this is Michigan but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel so bad for anyone living along the Northern and Southern East coast. Since climate deniers are still trying to downplay climate change, the east coast is getting some of the most FUBAR weather and it’s going to shape up to be another stellar winter for them. Cold from North to South and who knows how much snow will fall. I hope those of you who live in what a lot of people think is the weather hell mouth…LOL…(The Entire Eastern Seaboard), take care this season. Hopefully it won’t rise to the stuff you all had last winter.

Random music today. For no particular reason except that I like these songs. Okay let me take that back. The one from Shinedown is totally because I find Bret’s big, beautiful and bare eyes intoxicating. I’m so glad we fashioned Magnus Crowe ( Longfellow Seduced) after him. Magnus is the perfect Scottish Highland, Vampire, Rock god of my dreams.

Enjoy and Bang…Bang…Ladies…


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