Almost the weekend!

   Today I woke up with a migraine. Not the” oh my head hurts” kind of thing but a turn off the lights and t.v and lay in a dark room kind of headache. Between taking care of my son, my father and my mother, the days are bleeding together. I can’t believe it’s almost Feb.

I haven’t been able to get as much writing done as I would like but a little bit everyday is better than nothing at all. I promised myself to write everyday and I’m sticking to it. Although today, I’m only writing this post. I enjoy being busy though and refuse to complain. This year is about putting as much of a positive spin on the world as I can.

I’ve put a lot of titles by myself and VJ on sale. Trying to clear some things out before the next book is done. There is truly something to be said for making life as simple as possible and taking care of yourself. Heading off any negative force that may come your way is so damn important.

Treating others as you want to be treated still applies. I like not being the bitch and just going with the flow. It’s easier on the body and mind.

Next week I should have an excerpt out for Kane…Title TBD…I think I’m going to run a contest and allow someone to name the book :0) I’m having a really hard time coming up with one and since this is just the first book in a series (not a serial, each will be a stand alone read. I’d love something the titles connected by a word or phrase.

More to come later…


Music Mondays

I’m feeling a little melancholy today. My song selections will attest to that…lol. But I’ve learned you have to feel what you feel. Acknowledge it and for me I have to put it away until the next time.

This first one, I never listen to at all. When it comes on the radio, I quickly turn it off. It was played to me by someone a couple of months before they destroyed my world. It’s not something I go and look for, but you know how it goes. Once in a while things pop up in your head and you need to let shit out.



A Taste of Haven


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   A Taste of Haven By Sierra Summers

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Haven Smith is a shifter who has never shifted. She spends her evenings protecting women and children from the men who would hurt them. She likes her solitary life just fine, until one night she meets a man who changes her world forever. Adam is determined to take Haven to meet the family she doesn’t remember and show her that she deserves love—his love.
“Do you always ask strangers to walk you home?” His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. If she wasn’t a little tipsy she might have sworn she saw concern burning in his steely gaze. This was preposterous. This man didn’t know her at all, but she liked the look of him. She liked the way he looked at her even better. He’d come to her defense last night yet hadn’t taken advantage of that fact. Hell, he hadn’t even admitted he was there. Truthfully, everything about him was a total turn on, from the top of his light brown hair to the bottom of his shoes.

No one besides Harry and Fatima ever looked after her. She’d forbade Fatima to worry about her and since her friend knew what she was, it was easy enough for her to be more concerned with the females Haven brought into the shelter.

Leaning her chin on her hand, she reached out, touching the soft cotton of his shirt. “Actually I don’t. I guess you’re just lucky this evening.” He didn’t respond to her touch, nor was he smiling anymore. “Hey, forget it.” Haven hopped off the stool. “If you’re not interested I can deal with it.”

She beat it out of the bar, her face burning. What the hell was I thinking? The truth was, she’d never propositioned a man before and apparently she sucked at it. She headed out the door but didn’t make it two feet before she was caught from behind. She automatically swung her arm up, trying to break contact, but the grip on her remained firm.

Swinging her head around Haven sucked in a breath as she came face to face with Adam. He slowly backed her into a light post. “I never gave you an answer. You can’t make that kind of offer to a man and then disappear into the night.”

Haven was momentarily knocked off kilter; she’d been unable to break his hold on her. Her mind was telling her to take a step back but her body was not listening to anything other than the erratic beat of her heart.

Adam’s thumb rose and stroked her chin, a small gesture that made her practically pant. Her hands curled around his biceps, squeezing hard. His muscles were rock hard and felt impenetrable. She gave an involuntary shiver when his thumb crossed her bottom lip in a feather-light caress.

“Your eyes are incredible.” She totally was out of her element. The deep timbre of his voice slid down her body and made her shiver. Her wolf was whining inside her. It wanted to bed this man in the worst kind of way and was losing patience.

He moved in closer and she met him halfway. His head lowered as he gave her the barest kiss along her lips. In that instant the dam broke and Haven buried her hand in his hair. His mouth came back down and crushed hers. She actually whined when his silky strands tickled her fingers. She gripped his hair tight in her fingers. It was as soft as she’d imagined and felt so good sliding through her hands.

His hands came around to cup her behind; his fingers dug deeply in her rounded ass. His tongue breathed new life into her. It was slick and moist and drew noises from her she’d never known she possessed.

Suddenly he yanked her up by her arms. “Wrap your legs around me and tell me where the hell your place is.”

Haven held onto his shoulders and jumped up, her steel-toed boots locked behind his back. “One block south, first building on the right.” His lips never left hers as he walked quickly to where she’d directed. His strength bled through her, and he was strong. Haven wasn’t a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination but Adam carried her as though she weighed no more than a feather.

“Christ I never would have guessed you tasted this good.” He whispered

A letter to friends, past, present and future!!!!!!!!!

   Friendship!!! We all have a need for friends. It’s coded into our very DNA. Whether it’s someone you met in school, someone you met at work or someone you may have met at any time of your life.

Love can come and go. It burns bright,then fizzles But a true friendship is irreplaceable. Think about it, you’re closet friends pretty much know everything about you. They welcome you with open arms whenever you’re happy or sad. Sometimes they offer a helping hand, whether it be advice on a situation, or blow to off steam, and sometimes just to be your soft place to land without judging you. 

To my friends of the past,

   I’ve had friends enter and exit my life over the years and even if our friendship ended on a sour note, I can look back fondly and remember all the good things and good times with them. I will always be here for old friends if they need me and that will never, ever change.

Some people ask me why I’d bother, if they aren’t in my life, it must be for a good reason. While that is true, it doesn’t mean I won’t be there to help or to talk to if the need should arise. A year ago my answer probably would have been different, but since the beginning of the year I’m trying to improve myself a little bit at a time.

Part of that improvement is for me to forgive. Forgive not only myself but others who’ve hurt me or I’ve hurt in the past. I made a great friend when I was in school. She and I were so close for so long, helping each other out when we were faced with a similar situation. We drifted apart over time and I do miss her but she’s doing her thing and she knows that if she needs me I will always be available to her.

  I think we tend to hold on to negative feelings because we are convinced that we were right. In a lot of cases that’s exactly what it is as far as your concerned. You’re hurt takes front and center and it’s all you can think about when you remember them.

   It takes a piece of you at a time. 2015, I’m getting my pieces back. At this point, I feel no ill will toward anyone and I intend to keep it that way. There are always wonderful experiences that will never go away. I’m trying to concentrate on the good and banish the bad. Though I still get sad now and then, I understand that life isn’t a fairytale and only something I write about.

To my friends of the present,

We’ve been a tight-knit group for 25+ years and I couldn’t be more grateful for you all. We’ve laughed together and cried together and experienced everything in between. We’ve been tested, sometimes for years but we always come back together, we have too much history to let our friendship go. We are better people when we talk or get together to just relax or to have some fun. With the exception of a past friend, these people know me better than anyone. We’ve seen each other through our darkest times and our greatest triumphs. They are proud of me and how far I’ve come.

I have to mention all the people I’ve met through my writing. The first is my writing partner VJ Summers. Though we haven’t written anything together in a while, we will continue the partnership that gave us the Worthington’s as well as some awards. After 7 years readers are still purchasing these books. The Worthington’s as well as Set in Stone is some of my best work and I couldn’t have done it without my writing partner, who inspires me to become better with each book.

  My readers who have been with me since the beginning. There are some who’ve gone from reader to friend and I’m lucky to have them in my life. They’re my biggest cheerleaders today 🙂 and they’ve kept me going when I thought about giving up writing forever in the last few years.  You’ve reminded me that what I write isn’t shit and to push myself to improve with every new story. I’ve had some misses early on in the self-publishing arena but I’m now being very thoughtful about what I write and how I write it.

When Anne Rice lost her husband, her muse for her character Lestat and said she wouldn’t write about the Vampires anymore. It took her a few years to pull things back together, do some soul-searching and delving into subject matter that wasn’t about Vampires and Witches. Now she’s back, back to the Vampires, back to Lestat. The place she was meant to be. She is another example of life coming full circle.

I would love to ask you, the readers about one thing. I have decided to branch out so to speak. By that I mean I want to write something other than erotic romance. I love paranormal books and I have plenty ideas but I want to make the romance a secondary plot point and not the main focus of the story. I’ve wanted to expand into that area but always pushed the desire to try something different aside and stick to what I know. I’ve finally conjured up the courage to give it a go and I’m lucky to have some great beta readers as well as hiring a really great editor to edit the books. Do you think it’s a good idea for an author to expand her genre’s?

To future friends,

I can promise it won’t be boring…lol. And I look forward to meeting you!

Thank you for touching my life in some form or fashion. I’ve learned a lot, even though I could have gone without some lessons, I hope to take the knowledge and continue to be a better mother, friend and author.

Much Love,



I woke up this morning at my usual 5:30, even though it’s a holiday, I’ve discovered it’s better to keep to my waking schedule until the school year is out. As I’m sitting here trying to wake and eventually get ready to take my boy for his post surgery appointment, I started to list the things I’m truly grateful for. A nice reminder of where I want to go in 2015.

1. I’m grateful for the 27 pounds I’ve lost. I fell back into old habits, using food to comfort me through a pretty hellish time in my life. But as I’ve changed my attitude, the weight has melted off.

2. Accepting that I will never be perfect. As much as I long for a bikini, it just isn’t going to happen and it’s okay. Trying to live up to some idealized body is not only unrealistic but could be damaging to your psyche. Loving your physical flaws can be hard but once you do, there is freedom in it like no other.

3. Understanding- no matter how much I fought the idea that I’ve learned some great lessons so far. How to treat people. How to appreciate the time I have spent with them without all the negative feelings that used to go along with it.

4. Taking the blame for my behavior and my role in my life. I don’t laminate over the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s anymore. Things  are the way they are…period.

5. I’m grateful for being able to look at myself in the mirror and not seeing a stranger looking back at me.

6. I’m happy to accept that “things” aren’t important. The euphoria of getting all the new material things in this world can’t fill the empty parts of your soul.

7. I no longer do what I don’t want to do. I also do exactly what I want it that I like.

8.I’m grateful that I’m no longer having fits of jealousy of what isn’t there.

9. I’m especially grateful for letting go of the anger that’s plagued me for sooo long.

10. I’m grateful for my family. No it’s not the perfect Norman Rockwell kind but it’s real. Game nights, where we compete like it’s our last game and laugh and where more than a few cuss words are dropped. We’re forced to live in a very small house but what I’ve discovered is that it forces us to be together more versus spread out in a huge home. My kids are great with having only one bathroom and no there is no fighting to get in.

11. My friends, because a person without friends, is a person who will be lonely forever.

12. Great, awesome, mind-blowing, fantastic SEX. There is nothing better on earth and I’m a really lucky girl.

13. THE MUSE IS BACK! Whispering the words to my books again. It was difficult when I had nothing to write about but I’ve been able to turn it around.

14.  Finally understanding that things are the way they are. There is no cosmic plot to make my life miserable. That I can’t control the universe and that as long as I live my life being honest with myself and taking things one day at a time. I do live for today…waiting until tomorrow to enjoy yourself might never come. Waiting for the day when your kids are grown, or pay off that mortgage, or even what you’re going to have for dinner the next week. You’re not promised anything beyond this moment and so many people waste their precious time on earth planning, preparing and thinking about things that may never come to pass. Do what you want now.

Think about it and live the life you want, a life that makes your soul full and you go to bed and wake up happy. You can’t say I’ll be happy soon because deep down we all know that never really comes. Hours turn into days, days turn into years and while you were waiting to be happy soon, you find yourself close to death and realize that soon never came.

Wishing you happiness today….


Out of the mouths of babes!!!

Okay, my oldest is not a baby but to me he is. With his 18th birthday approaching I’m filled with happiness but also a little melancholy. He was my first and I wanted him so badly. He’s turning into a wonderful young man and I look forward to what the future holds for him. He wasn’t given a lot growing up and because of it he appreciates everything he gets. He’s held a job for 2 years. He’s responsible and generous.  Not the best student but I couldn’t imagine him any better than he is. The greatest thing is that we share a love of music and often go to concerts together. We were in the jeep yesterday and he turned on the Shinedown cd I’m listening too and hit his favorite song.

We sang it together and it’s such an upbeat song. In my promise to accept life as it comes, to accept myself for who I am and not try to behave how I think I should or how others think I should- I’m adopting the song- I’m Not Alright- as my inspiration for 2015.

Sound Track for my new novel.

I haven’t made a specific soundtrack for any books since 2008. I always listen to music but back then I had certain artists/albums that were playing in the background, especially for The Worthington’s. Going through my music I found an album that spoke to me and to the story I’m working on. Kane and Josie are the protagonists in my new w.i.p. So I thought I’d share some of the songs from the cd title Amarylis. Scene after scene popped into my mind every time I listen to it.

These particular songs fit my characters as they deal with loss, mistrust, dark pasts and finally falling for each other.

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