Out of the mouths of babes!!!

Okay, my oldest is not a baby but to me he is. With his 18th birthday approaching I’m filled with happiness but also a little melancholy. He was my first and I wanted him so badly. He’s turning into a wonderful young man and I look forward to what the future holds for him. He wasn’t given a lot growing up and because of it he appreciates everything he gets. He’s held a job for 2 years. He’s responsible and generous.  Not the best student but I couldn’t imagine him any better than he is. The greatest thing is that we share a love of music and often go to concerts together. We were in the jeep yesterday and he turned on the Shinedown cd I’m listening too and hit his favorite song.

We sang it together and it’s such an upbeat song. In my promise to accept life as it comes, to accept myself for who I am and not try to behave how I think I should or how others think I should- I’m adopting the song- I’m Not Alright- as my inspiration for 2015.


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