Almost the weekend!

   Today I woke up with a migraine. Not the” oh my head hurts” kind of thing but a turn off the lights and t.v and lay in a dark room kind of headache. Between taking care of my son, my father and my mother, the days are bleeding together. I can’t believe it’s almost Feb.

I haven’t been able to get as much writing done as I would like but a little bit everyday is better than nothing at all. I promised myself to write everyday and I’m sticking to it. Although today, I’m only writing this post. I enjoy being busy though and refuse to complain. This year is about putting as much of a positive spin on the world as I can.

I’ve put a lot of titles by myself and VJ on sale. Trying to clear some things out before the next book is done. There is truly something to be said for making life as simple as possible and taking care of yourself. Heading off any negative force that may come your way is so damn important.

Treating others as you want to be treated still applies. I like not being the bitch and just going with the flow. It’s easier on the body and mind.

Next week I should have an excerpt out for Kane…Title TBD…I think I’m going to run a contest and allow someone to name the book :0) I’m having a really hard time coming up with one and since this is just the first book in a series (not a serial, each will be a stand alone read. I’d love something the titles connected by a word or phrase.

More to come later…


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