2015- An Awesome Start!!!!

   So much has happened so far this year and it’s been good. To start, this is the bookstore I now own. My daughter snapped the picture of me, so I look like I’m frowning but don’t be fooled, I’m deliriously happy. The kind of happy you feel when you pay off your mortgage or when you get to see Karma at work- it is a sweet feeling and I look forward to the rest of the year.

2015-03-08 13.08.22 2015-03-06 09.58.48 2015-03-08 13.03.47 2015-03-08 13.09.22 2015-03-08 13.09.52 2015-03-08 13.10.04 2015-03-08 13.10.27 2015-03-08 13.10.46  I’ve done a lot of work, rearranging things and still have a way to go but it’s worth working everyday and I mean everyday in order to make things easier for customers. There are some exciting things coming this year. Author signings, starting up the monthly book club.  To cap things off, I’m in my final edits for Egyptian Touch, which will be released by Ellora’s Cave.

VJ and I were invited to submit 2 stories to another publisher and then work on our newest series, which I think we may self-publish. Though we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to do that or submit to another publisher we’ve been looking at.

I’ve waited for things to look up and here they are. Once I stopped focusing on the negative, everything good started happening.

There has been a couple of times I wanted to write a blistering blog but decided against it. Why bother bitching and moaning when things are going better than I ever imagined? Beyond the store and the writing, I’ve lost 13 pounds. I have 13 more to go and I’m determined to take care of the rest over the next couple of months.

Karma is taking care of things for me. Like a person who brought all kinds of negativity is now fat and dumpy or how someone who has jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. You can see the “Oh fuck, what have I done.” in their eyes while they hide behind a fake smile. Desperation surrounding them. I’ve always thought I would revel in that but instead I find myself filled with compassion at their plight.

I’ve finally reached the point where nothing bad that comes my way will ever take me back to that dark place and I’m so grateful for what I’ve been given. Everyone needs a purpose, some fake their way through things, not because they really want it but because it provides the perfect distraction from their unhappiness.

I truly understand that Karma will get her due and you always have to pay for the hurt and pain you cause another. I feel as though Karma has extracted her payment for the things I’ve done over the past few years and now I get to enjoy what I love. Working for myself and writing like mad.

In this moment, I have peace and purpose not because I have obligations but because I’m doing what I love and that is the best gift the universe could give me.




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