30 Days

Today was the 1rst day in the 30 Day challenge my girls and I are doing. It’s simple really, we picked 3 exercises from the challenge and are doing them everyday and then reporting back to each other.

It’s a great way to get healthier (something I promised myself that I would make a priority this year. So often when trying to get into shape we adopt the all or nothing routine. Lamenting on every mistake instead of putting it behind you and starting over the next minute.

Shit happens to us all and in the grand scheme of life, screwing up a little on a small goal is not that tragic. With that in mind me and my 3 besties (friends since high school) are embarking on this small journey together. Whole out DH’s may want to participate us girls are sticking it out together. Men build muscle and get in shape faster and there is nothing we can do about it. They have the miracle hormone testosterone and we all know that they build muscle quicker. It’s just basic science. 

As women we are meant to be curvier and softer. I used to be straight as a board and I hated every second of it after I lost too much weight. But now that I’m where I should be + or – 10 pounds, I’m only concerned with making my body healthy. I don’t want to be one of those people who are afraid to eat. Who nibble at their food or judge others about how much they eat. It was done to me and I grew up HATING skinny women. It’s a terrible way to feel toward other people and I’m so not that person anymore.

We are all beautiful in our way. No buts, no woulda, coulda’s, no if only I could lose that last 5 pounds. We’re throwing the negative talk about ourselves and others out the window. I’m the last person to judge what anyone else’s body looks like. I do identify with a curvier body and have no interest in being a size 8 again. Ass, hips and belly’s shouldn’t be completely flat for someone like me. I’m shooting for soft lines and kicking legs. Most of all I want to wake up with as much energy as I can muster so that I’m not pooped out by 8 p.m.

Summer will be here soon and the days are getting longer. We had such a long winter that I want to enjoy the heat and the sun ( nothing better for a fire sign…..Yes I’m a proud Leo). Still searching for my bliss but its getting closer and closer as each day passes. Don’t wait to start your life because we aren’t promised anything beyond this moment and I’m over waiting for life to get better…..waiting has never done anyone any good.

Live strong…live the life you really want….find your bliss!


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