2008…A year to remember – an update

I’ve talked about the b.s.I’ve had in my life over the past 3 years. Drawing out some self-imposed mental mind fuck as a reason why I am the way I am. Today I wanted to focus on something positive.

The year was 2008. With the exception of the birth of my children, that year was full of wonderful feelings, dreams and hopes. It was the year that Carrie’s Answer was accepted by Liquid Silver Publishing. My first book and my first success. It was 2 years before my gastric bypass, and I’d never felt so beautiful, happy and full of love before. It was a year of new discoveries and deeply abiding love. It was a year that felt more like a fairy tale than real life.

It’s never been duplicated since. I was open to life, to new experiences. I was so happy with who I was and what I had. I was at my very best that year. I was luckier than most and enjoyed success in my professional and personal life. The absolute high point up until this year and I can now look on it and smile.

Focusing and remembering fondly of those times in your life when everything came together easily, without disruption, anger, fighting, and harm to yourself and others is special, a rare gift, not to be sad about but to treasure. I experienced the many firsts in my life that year. Professional validation ( Carrie’s Answer sold like crazy.) More love than I ever dreamed was possible. It was as close to perfect as I’d ever been in my life and today I celebrate it. HB.

I had to comment on what a beautiful day it is here and what an awesome day I’ve had. I’m so damn lucky and hope it’s beautiful where you all may be. Of course I think in the mid-west we really appreciate days like this. It’s a good day and I couldn’t imagine a better one.



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