Another Stunning day!!!

Woke up bright and early at 5:00 a.m. Worked out and get the kids up for school. This is my oldest son’s last year in school and it makes me feel a little bummed that he’s 18 and starting his own life. But he’s turned out to be an amazing young man, and trust me there were times when I didn’t think that would happen. He’s completed 2 years of welding so we’re optimistic he will find a good job.  College isn’t something he’s interested in but I don’t really care. I come from a blue collar family and there is a certain kind of pride for those who do the manual labor. He’s willing to work hard and I know it will pay off for him in the future.I couldn’t be any prouder.

My youngest son is back to school today for the first time since his reconstruction surgery. He did incredibly well considering he has several pins in his foot, top and bottom, but my kids are fighters by nature and are showing their independence. The fighting has calmed down. If you have boys you know that the fighting gets pretty intense the older they get. And when the teens hit, watch out. Bruises, strained muscles, and bloody knuckles.

I’ve tried hard to make my kids tough enough to handle the outside world. It’s important to me that they understand that they have to make their own way. Nothing will be handed to them and working hard for what they have will make them appreciate it even more. Yet I’m still their mom and when I look at them I love them more and more each day.

So the sun was out by the time we left this morning. There is nothing so wonderful as winter giving away to spring. Checking the weather to see how warm it’s going to be. Zero humidity and a clear sky.

It makes you feel so damn lucky to have survived another winter. Adults and kids alike come out to play until 10:00 at night. Looking forward to going to the lake and bbqing with close friends. There is nothing better, in fact it’s almost like you’ve been given a reward for making it through the winter.

I get to enjoy working at my store and yes I’m still working 7 days a week but I don’t mind. Today I might keep the door open, just to let in the fresh air. I’m so damn happy it kind of scares me a little…lol.

Speaking of my store. We do ship books around the country. We can order new books at a discount. If it’s in print, I can get it.

If you’re looking for something feel free to email me at or you can call the store at 734-522-8018. We will do what we can to serve your reading needs.

We are lining up authors to do a book signing this summer and I am giving away a gift basket at the end of every month starting in May. It’s a way to thank customers who’ve come back and well as those who’ve been coming for years.

Later this year and if you’re local, I will be advertising in the Observer and include a coupon. I may go through the value pack coupons as well. I am still working daily to improve the look and feel of the store. There is nothing worse than going into a place that is drab and without good customer service. My goal is that every person who comes in regardless if they buy anything or not to have a great experience. It’s the best way to forge lasting relationships as well as customer loyalty.

Apparently, no matter how much I fought against it, retail is just part of me. So come on over and visit. You never know what you may find.

Local’s can find us at 8027 N. Wayne Rd, Westland, Michigan, 48185.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day as much as I am.



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