Another beautiful day. I know I say that a lot but I’m trying to be very appreciative concerning our weather. After the long winter we had, it’s fun to see the sun and feel the warmth.

Today, I’m thinking about my little girl. Oh she’s not so little and will be 15 in a couple of months. My house is over run by males. She has a twin brother, an older brother. Our two dogs and a guinea pig are also male.

Amid all of this, I am thankful for my baby girl. I love all my boys, human and animal but girls offer something so much different. She’s a gentle soul. Rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone. Is a champion of the less fortunate. Has more compassion than anyone I’ve ever known. She keeps her feelings to herself and only opens up when she is ready. She has her dad wrapped around her finger. Something I think usually always happens with Fathers and their daughters. They are the protectors and one thing I can say about my DH is that he fiercely protects his family from any outside b.s.

I used to be a little jealous of their closeness but now I’m happy it’s there. She’s had a wonderful influence on him.

She’s smart,independent, and definitely not a follower. Her laughter is the sweetest sound in the world. Her tears rip my heart out. she is the best of me and her father and has touched the lives of her friends and family in such a positive way.

I would lay down my life for that girl and I would do whatever is necessary to keep her from getting hurt.

I love you Sissy….


p.s- This song is for you and all the daughters in the world.



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