A day in hell!!!

 Even as I wrote the headline. I was sure I was going to write about something that happened yesterday that devastated me and destroyed a close friendship that I’d had for over 10 yrs.

I’ve decided against it. Why? Because I’ve been through betrayal a couple of times in my life and I’ve learned how I don’t want to behave. So instead of bitching and moaning about the bad news I received, I’m instead focusing on the good things.

I had my first book club meeting at the store. We had 3 new members come as well as some regulars and it was a blast. Business was good and it was fun to be around women who loved the book I’d chosen.

I suggested a book for next month and collectively we decided to give it a go. It’s a different genre than we usually read and I’m excited about it. I want to focus on all books we enjoy in common and see if this works out.

I’m also giving away a basket full of goodies and giving tickets to customers for every $10.00 they spend. It’s my way of building bridges with old customers and enticing the new ones that come to the store every day.

Sunday, April 26th we are having a customer appreciation day that will offer some great buys for those who come.

With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having and the perpetual sunshine we are experiencing, it makes no sense to focus on the negative. With every sunrise it’s getting easier to put the less than stellar things that have gone on before away. Will life be perfect – NO – but if you strive for perfection, an ideal that will never happen, you will live from a perspective of disappointment after disappointment.

There’s something poetic and beautiful about living an imperfect life. A freedom for the heart and soul. To look forward to every morning and all its possibilities is a real gift. TO not worry about how you’re perceived but real acceptance of who you are, flaws and all.

Throughout life we all make the mistake of living to please others and in the process lose the best of who we are. It drives people and opportunities away.

Bask in your imperfections for they are what makes you special. Wrap them around you like a warm blanket and feel happy and content in everything that has made you who you are.  Feel the freedom of your soul.

For me, adopting this attitude has made such a difference in how I feel, how I think, and how I treat others. No life is full of rainbows and unicorns, flowers and diamonds. It’s crazy, messy but so damn exciting. Embrace your weird, and stop trying to live the way you think you should but how you want to live. Be real- be you and to hell with anyone who can’t accept it.


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