Funeral for a Friend.

Yesterday, I received the news that a woman I have known since Junior High had passed in her sleep. We hadn’t re-connected until her twin daughters became friends with my twins in their middle school and also discovered that our oldest boys were also friends.

She had diabetes and had struggled with the disease for far too many yrs. She lost her legs and was on kidney dialysis far too long. I guess her body just couldn’t do it anymore and now she’s at peace.

The thought should give me comfort but it doesn’t. My thoughts are with her children, whose father abandoned them. With the 2 oldest ones being 18 and 20, I imagine the two youngest (who are the friends of my 2 youngest) will hopefully be able to stay with their siblings.

They are such wonderful kids. Good kids, who appreciate every little thing they have. They were very poor as my friend couldn’t work. Our alumni got together and gave them  Christmas when she fell on even harder times. Many people donating gift cards, food and money to get them through and allow the kids to enjoy themselves without having to worry about mom.

She loved her children more than anything and always felt guilty she wasn’t able to provide for them in the way she thought they deserved. Her kids are sweet and polite and just really good human beings.  Raising good people in the world today is hard, but they are proof that even if you have nothing, you can make a bigger impact on others who have more than enough, maybe even more than they deserve.

She was always positive, even when it seemed impossible to be that way. She serves as a reminder to me that love, hope, and kindness have a more and lasting impact than any amount of money can have. She filled her tiny duplex with enough love and memories to last a lifetime and she did it with grace. She could have been a bitter, angry woman but that wasn’t her. She didn’t boast, didn’t bitch, didn’t hide or any of the other things that we as people do in order to appear better off then we are.

I know that a lot of the alumni from our schools will embrace her children and offer help in any way that they can.

Today the sky is blue, the birds are singing and life continues to move on, but the world is a tiny bit darker without her in it.

Her life is to be celebrated and she will live on in those she touched.

Rest in Peace Beth, your memory will live on in all of us.


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