Only in the Mid-West

Living in the mid-west and especially Michigan, we know to expect the unexpected when it comes to the seasons. This week we’ve have spring, summer, fall and today a little reminder of winter in the form of flurries falling from the sky this morning. Right now I’m cold and would like nothing better than to crawl under the covers with my sweetie.

Alas, I’m at the book store, taking a little break before I get back to moving things the way I want them. What started out as a shitty week has turned into such a good one and we’re only half way done. Turning the page on somethings, ending other things and I’m really good with it all. I got through the worst day, as I said I would and indeed did wake up the next morning and start a new. It’s something I haven’t been able to do in the past but this time it was easier. Hopefully this time next year it won’t be anything more than a little pang.

Despite the cold temps today, I’m feeling especially lucky with my life right now and grateful. Grateful for what I’ve been given, for the opportunity to own my own business doing something I love. Grateful for the love and support of my friends and family.

It’s been so nice focusing on all the good in my life. Allowing myself to be happy without questioning everything. It’s still difficult for me to let go of bad feelings and I may never reach that point but I’m trying. Finding joy, real happiness is a gift and one I don’t plan on squandering. Not this time.

I hope all who read this have or find the kind of happiness and freedom I’ve been lucky enough to find. I don’t take any day for granted and try to live each one to the fullest. Time moves swiftly and I’m in good health. No physical ailments that plague me everyday, no restrictions on what I can do. No place I won’t go to…ever.

There is nothing better then doing what you love. It’s been said that if you love your job you never work a day in your life. I’d always assumed whoever came up with that saying was high but now I get it.

I once knew someone who’s spouse was pissed that this person wasn’t making “enough” money despite the fact that they loved what they did and was very talented. There it is again, that evil word MONEY…

Mo’ money, Mo’ problems and that is definitely true. The pressure we place upon ourselves to “acquire” stuff and really in the end isn’t it all just stuff. For me it’s soo much better to have fewer things but absolutely LOVE what I do. It makes “stuff” so unimportant and you realize your ridiculous, gigantic,  smart T.V or the new car you lease every year just isn’t worth the price of doing something that doesn’t make you happy.

Find what you love to do and don’t let any one tell you that you can’t or that you need to do something better. It’s way too easy to get stuck and to the point where all you think about is that you aren’t doing what makes you happy.


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