5 Days

Today started a 5 day stretch for me at my store. I’m working all by my lonesome from opening to close until Tuesday afternoon when I have to get some oral surgery. Then I take a day off to recuperate and BAM, I’m back to working everyday from open to close except for Tues and Wed.

“Aren’t you tired?” I hear. “Of course who wouldn’t be but it’s so worth it.”

“But what do you do all day? Don’t you get bored?”  Sometimes there are a few lulls during the day but I use that time to think about new plots, hot sex scenes I need to write and finishing up the last round of edits for Egyptian Need. This is especially a happy time for me because for a time I DREADED writing sex scenes. But that has finally passed and It’s been a blast, seeing just how inventive I can be and trust me if you know what you’re doing in that area these come back easily. So I’m here until 6 today, tomorrow and Sat. Then 12-4 on Sunday and Monday….I’m sure I won’t get bored- wink…wink…and plan to keep busy busy, perfecting the craft of writing such hot bedroom scenes that they scorch the pages. Well, I only say bedroom because going through and naming all the other places that are even better than a bedroom would take entirely too long……LOL….

I hope you all have a wonderful sexy kind of day…..I know I will…..


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