Redwing’s new stadium, new opportunity!

A ANew Arena for the Detroit Red Wings

In 2017, one of the greatest things happening in downtown Detroit will be the new Red Wings Hockey Arena. 650 million dollars. What do we get for it. 8300 new construction jobs and about 1 billion dollars pumped into the economy. This massive complex will have more than just the arena, there will be lofts, hotel, more apartments, shopping and a whole host of other things that will boost the city’s image. I love downtown Detroit and this project will only make it that much more fun to go to.

Too many people outside of Michigan confuse downtown Detroit proper with the surrounding neighborhoods. Making the dumb-ass assumption that the crime in the neighborhoods happens downtown. Nothing could be further from the truth. Downtown is beautiful, vibrant and clean. There is more shopping, more restaurants and bars than ever before.

I love a big city. The life teeming within it’s boundaries. When someone I knew went to New York, they talked about how awesome it was. They said the city itself was alive and that you could feel it. We are experiencing the same thing here in Detroit.

The newest story I’m working on takes place in the city. It’s given me a chance to really explore all there is. From the river walk where you can see the lights of Windsor, Canada at night to Eastern Market where you can get fresh produce and specialty foods.

I’ve been to games at Comerica Park (The Tiger’s Stadium) and Ford Field (The Lion’s Stadium) and they are awesome facilities. The Red Wings Complex is supposed to blow them away.

A few years ago, everyone thought this state, this area specifically was plunging into nothing. College graduates fled the state looking for jobs elsewhere and are now coming back. It’s such a hopeful sign. Home prices are slowly on the rise especially in my county. All positive and good news.

The next thing would be if The Pistons came back downtown. Right now they play in Auburn Hills but the majority of people think they should come back home to the city. The only thing left is a large outdoor music venue like the one in Clarkston. DTE has been around forever and is a great place to see a show but there are a growing number of people who’d love to see something like that either in the city or closer to the city.

There are all kinds of 5k’s that my friends and I are going to try to enter this year and a lot of them take place in Detroit, at the Zoo, etc…

There is nothing better than summer here and the sun has been generous to us so far this month. We’ll be in the 70’s by weeks end. This year has proven so far to be a wonderful and exciting start to 2015 and I’m looking forward to all the good things that are taking place.

Now if only I could get my 3 teens to cooperate…lol. I look forward to the day the boys actually get along. Trust me, those of you with boys know how much fighting they can get into. unfortunately they don’t fight with just words but the end is in sight. Luckily my twins who are going to be 15 in two months consist of a boy and a girl, because my daughter is the peace make with the boys. I often wish I would have had a 4th baby. Even numbered kids are supposed to be a lot easier to raise. But its expensive to raise them so I stopped at 3.

This is the first summer I’ve looked forward to in a long time and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.



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