Today was about as close to perfect as I’ve had in many, many years. The temp was a balmy 76 degrees out. Business was a little slow But my DH, son and one of his friends came to the store and cleaned out my backroom. Building shelves and hauling away about 20 boxes of books to donate to a couple of places.

Tuesday is when I’m getting all I need to get in order to open a DBA account, afterward I have to go online to get my Michigan tax i.d number. It will go a long way into getting me to a place where everything in the store is on the up and up. So bright and early Monday morning I will be downtown Detroit at the Wayne County clerk office. After I get all of that done, I’ll be able to have a a lot more freedom to do the other things within the store to make it look even that much better.

Tomorrow is going to be another warm and sunny day. I can’t believe how awesome our weather has been but I’m not taking it for granted and enjoying it as much as possible. During lulls in between customers at the store, you can find me sitting out front basking in the warmth. My Leo personality loves the sun especially with our low humidity. It would be miserable if it was humid out but thank the universe that isn’t the case here so far this year. Who wants to be stuck indoors with the air conditioner?

My brother is moving in with his new girlfriend and I think he got it right this time. She’s his age, which is something new for him and a relief. He’s always dated women younger than him. Usually between 8-10 yrs younger. He finally told me after he broke up with the last one (who he’d been with for 7 yrs) that he wanted to meet someone his own age. In his experience he informed me that once the “honeymoon” period was over, he had nothing in common with these women. Being separated by as much as a decade, his likes and dislikes, his experiences, wants and needs were always different than the younger ones. He told me that he’d have nothing to talk about with them. Even something as simple as movies he loved when he was younger, the music he listened to as a teenager in the 80’s was so different. I mean these girls grew up with New Kids on the Block and other boy bands that he hates.

I’m happy for him and hope he’s finally found someone he has things in common. No more playing the “Daddy” role. I hope she offers him everything he’s always wanted but never had and I’m glad he’s gotten over the young chick phase and I hope it’s for good. While nothing in life is guaranteed, in this situation, I want everything to work out for him.


I have nothing to bitch about, I’m just thankful for today, for my store and for my friends and family. Finally I’m grateful for the creativity that has crept back into me and allowed me to write.

I hope your day was a wonderful one,



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