The Perpetual Victim

Before I go any further let me just say that I’ve been the perpetual victim in my life. Always blaming others. I believed through their actions, I could justify mine or that I was always misunderstood, always fucked over, always on the losing end. When I made my decision this year to stop with the victim mentality things improved immediately. I feel better than I ever have and that’s a good thing. Today, I almost , almost gave into that line of thinking. I became overwhelmed by feelings and the temptation to bring some pain to someone, anyone. In the end, I was able to cut it out and so this made me think about the never-ending saga of victimhood.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and knock it off. Stop blaming others, laying your faults, your mistakes at the feet of others. Get some fucking balls and own up to your fuck-ups. Your behavior is yours and yours alone. Wallowing in the lake of poor me or it’s not my fault, only makes others run. Your never-ending saga of whining incessantly and not doing anything about it starts to bore people. They tend to rescind their good will and their understanding.

If you’re miserable then it stands to reason that you need to do something about it, not depend on others to do it for you. Embrace your bullshit for what it actually is, blaming other people is easier then taking responsibility for your own unhappiness. It’s so easy to feel screwed over and even better you get to blame someone else. It can’t possibly be because of anything you’ve done or said. How could it, everything is being done to you, right?

To perpetuate your narrative, you convince yourself and others around you that it’s everyone else’s fault. You call out others, you make ridiculous claims they are lying, they are the bad guy without taking a long look in the mirror and telling yourself to get a grip and knock it off.

What I’ve described above is how I USED to be, but there comes a time when you will be looked upon, treated or called out on your shitty actions or intentions. Instead of being the long-suffering victim of the world, waiting for something good to happen or to be appreciated for your hard work or sitting back and doing nothing, absolutely nothing to change your situation.

I’ve run into several people in life who do this very thing. Waiting to be happy. Waiting to be understood. Waiting for something better to come along. Waiting for whatever the fuck you’re waiting for. It doesn’t come and when you act desperate, don’t put that bullshit on anyone else. Some of the people I know will make the asinine assumption this is directed at them. Sorry but you’re wrong, and if you don’t believe it…well that isn’t anything I can do about it.



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