Soundtrack for a new kind of book

I’ve finally gotten an idea for my first foray into pure urban fantasy. Catching lightening in a bottle has been hard fro me over the past few years but I’ve come up with something that I’m really excited about for the first time in a long time. Yes there will still be a romance to it, I’m excited about the world building and exploring the characters in it. As always I’ve been listening to music, hoping for an idea to take root and the other day I found it.

Jagger, the hero of the first story is a male with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He will do anything to keep his kind safe in this world even thought he yearns to be free from all the B.S. he has to deal with.  He will find his freedom in a woman who has seen more than enough tragedy in her life yet draws strength from her pain and anger toward those that hurt her.

Jagger is complicated and will have to learn to put his trust in another in order to find his rightful place among his people.

This song by Seether embodies everything about Jagger that I hope to convey-


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