Summer in Michigan

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If you live in the midwest, you long for summer. While dealing with harsh, cold winters, I keep in mind that summer will soon be here. Finally it has arrived and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

On the news this morning, they were saying that Michigan has more coast line and more registered boat owners than any other state. There are lakes within an hours drive from where ever you live. Not to mention the black, sand beaches of Lake Superior and the white beaches of Lake Michigan. They both rival any ocean but without the salt.

While we have to deal with the cold and snow, we’re pretty sheltered from most bad weather events. Tornado’s are few and far between. Landslides, hurricanes, constant threats from tornado’s are things we don’t have to worry about. Sure it can get hot and humid but not nearly as bad as other states.

I think because we endure the winter we really appreciate and really enjoy the nice months.We bask in the sunshine and warmth and I never complain it’s too hot.

One of my best friends is moving here at the end of the month from Nevada. She was born on the west coast and moved her when she was in high school. Her family moved back and after graduation she came back here for about 5 years. She returned and moved to Cali. Got married, settled in Nevada and had four kids. Her children have never seen a real winter and they are so excited about playing in the snow. Sledding and learning to ski. Celebrating Christmas the way it should be, warm fire inside and buried in snow outside. It’s going to be fun watching them experience all of this for the fist time.

She’s always wanted to come back to Michigan. She considers it her real home and was determined to make it back to raise her family here. She’s leaving her extended family to come here because she says she doesn’t want to live anywhere else. She stayed out west because other people wanted her to even though her heart was always here.

With the support of her family and friends, she and her husband are making the trek across the country to come home. Our plans are many and great. Spending time downtown Detroit. Going to football, baseball and hockey games. She’s my new concert buddy, we have the same taste in music and used to see a ton of shows when she lived here before.

This year just keeps getting better and better. More positive, more fruitful and more love and friendship. I’m taking it all in and enjoying the hell out of every single wonderful day.

I hope your summer will be as spectacular as mine is shaping up to be!




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