Yes, I’m a Geek in LOVE

pikejeffrey hunter 6Who is this gorgeous actor? He’s Jeffery Hunter. I discovered him when I decided to watch the Original Star trek television series on NetFlix. I watch very little of what passes for T.V. today.

The endless parade of self-absorbed, narcissistic, mind-numbing reality shows are too much. It’s reached ridiculous proportions with shows like the housewives of whatever place as spoiled, bored house wives do their best to fuck each other over in an effort to prove who has a better life.

Ugh!!! The worst of these pathetic offerings has to be the Bachelor. How any confident woman enjoys this drivel is beyond me. I mean really, the superficial nature of such garbage is sickening. Watching several women vie for the love and attention of a single man. They step over each other, plot and scheme to be the “ONE”. Inevitably, these couples don’t stay together with the exception of one or two – I think, I’m not really sure and haven’t been keeping track. But they get their fifteen minutes of fame, fade into the back ground and eventually disappear into oblivion.

Back to Jeffery Hunter who appeared as Captain Christopher Pike in the original pilot of Star Trek. The only thing on my mind when I saw him was WOW….He was super hot, had gorgeous blue eyes and black hair. Lips too die for.

Sure the original show was cheesy, over acted and overly dramatic but keep in mind that Star Trek was on from 1966-68. For the time in what was a fast growing industry, where special effects were few and far between, I still love it. Jeffery Hunter appeared in a ton of movies during the 50’s and 60’s. Unfortunately he lost his life at the age of 42 due to a fall in his home. A sad ending for a man who, I believe would have done well.

I’ve always enjoyed the actors from that era and earlier. When men were unapologetic men. With all their macho flaws they were still sexy as hell. I love watching old movies as I enjoy how Hollywood used to be.

I wish Captain Chris Pike had remained as the lead on Star Trek or at least was there for more than the pilot episode. Don’t get me wrong I looove Kirk in all his overly acted glory but as I said when I first saw Jeffery Hunter, I was in heaven.

I let my inner geek out to play as much as possible. Sci-fi, fantasy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Renaissance Festivals, Dungeon & Dragons, Super Hero’s, Comi-con.Falling Skies, Defiance, Vampires, Shifters, Werewolves,Vikings, King Arthur, the Elizabethan era and the Tudors ( I’m fascinated by Henry the 8th), and who could forget Game of Thrones. I can’t get enough.Reality is hard enough as it is. When I read or watch something, I want to be taken somewhere else, somewhere as far from the daily grind and expectations as I can get.

My ideal wedding would have bucked traditional, boring and outrageous money sucks they end up becoming. It would have been outside, under some beautiful trees. Barefoot, flowers around my head, my DH in something light and comfortable. A big barbecue, ending in a bon fire. Giant weddings are held for everyone else but the bride and groom and an incredible waste of money and memories but back to my point. I love all that stuff and don’t care if it makes me a dork in the eyes of anyone else.

I’m even going to drag my kids along to the New Star Wars movie when it debut’s this winter and if I have my way, I’ll be at the midnight showing. Excited to hear the familiar theme music and the return of Han Solo and the rest of the cast.

My next goal is to watch every one of Jeffery’s movie list. He starred in a lot of westerns (which isn’t my favorite genre to watch) but he is worth a second, third and fourth look. Upon seeing him in the show, a story started to take shape as I imagined him with the personality of Captain Pike as my newest Hero.

Call me a geek and I’ll say thank you. Yes, there are days when I’d love to be in one of those fantasy’s. I’m not but I can lose myself for a little while in the things that make me happy.

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