News that makes you giggle!

Have you ever had one of those days where every bit of news you receive just gets better and better? Yesterday was one of those days for me. The entire day, everything just kept improving and validating things that I’ve done and things that I previously had thought but didn’t really know for sure. It was a cornucopia of good, ironic and funny kind of news that managed to get better as the day moved on.

Business was incredible. A couple of customers took several of my business cards to pass out to others. My ads with coupons will be coming out next week, reaching 20, 000 different homes from next week all the way through the fall. Even if I only get a 1% return from the coupons, that would bring in about 200 potential new customers and it didn’t cost me thousands of dollars to do it.

We’ve also been getting a lot of word of mouth new customers. This is especially exciting because it means that people are telling plenty of other people about the store. The feedback has been so positive.Being able to understand the trends in reading, making the store shopper friendly and bringing back the book club as well as my monthly basket giveaways are paying off in all the customers who’ve either come back after a long time away or as brand new ones.

We’re located next to a Domino’s which has been a great source for new customers who wander in while waiting for their food.

I’m so damn lucky to have found yet another thing that makes me so fucking happy. It’s  been priceless and worth the 50 + hour/ 7 day work weeks.It’s also made me feel better than I’ve ever felt and been such a positive influence in my life. There is nothing quite as sweet as being independent and having something of your own.

When your children are young, their needs take up all of your time. They become your sole purpose in life. I know and understand how bad that can be because you have nothing for yourself. When you are so immersed in someone else, you lose your identity outside of them. You forget how to function without them.

Everyone needs something outside of the family unit otherwise you become obsessed and when your kids become individuals, when they inevitably spread their wings, you find it beyond difficult that you’re no longer on their radar. You immerse yourself in their world, sometimes doing everything for them, instead of letting them fall and taking a lesson away from it.

For a long time, I fought to micro-manage every minute of their day. But eventually they rebel and will act out the tighter you try to hold onto them. It can get crazy and dramatic and doesn’t need to be. I learned to back off these last few years and allow them to thrive in their own teenage angst filled world. I’m lucky, I have 3 of the greatest kids in the world and have adopted several more who meander into my home and call me mom.

My life has moved into such a wonderful direction. I feel whole, worthy and nothing anyone else has to say holds any meaning for me anymore. I can’t even find enough anger to lash out at those who aren’t the nicest people on the planet and I’m totally fine with that.

Tonight is book club and I get to spend my time with some dynamite women and I look forward to it. Finding your true happiness near the middle of your life is a gift that I appreciate everyday and I strive to make each day better than the last. So far it’s working.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to never accept anything less than what really makes you happy.



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